Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Made a Desert; Called it Wealth... Update March 29, 2016.

As paradigms go, it's been brazen. Attack, control and most of all, plunder... marketed as perks and democracy.

It may have started when "Better Life through Chemistry!" was introduced as a meme, trying to add some lustre to "nukular" power post-Hiroshima, and death-head DDT.

And speaking of the chemical industry, last night I attended a pro bono community flick.

"What in the World Are They Spraying?" is concerned with geo-engineering or chemtrails, generally shouted down as water vapor or persistent contrails. 


Don't believe your lying eyes may have worked as crazy-making in our mind-control era, but plenty of us on earth are about the business of growing sane together.

Speaking new-paradigm, the producers of the film urge viewers to make copies and get the word out, omitting the usual threat of fine or jail time:  What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length) - YouTube

Whatever the geo-engineering op's purpose and drought below the onslaught, high levels of aluminum in chemtrail fallout seem to be damaging brains (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, autism...) 

See also:

In the circular nature of too-much-money plus zero-oversight, soils are growing so aluminum-saturated as to damage fertility of arable land.

But fear not, concurrent with this potential for human-induced famine, Monsanto has been developing GMO crops tolerant to, drum roll please...

Toxic levels of aluminum and drought!
In American basketball parlance, that looks like a  profiteering "slam-dunk."

But people, not lick-spittle agencies, people are fighting GMO's and their required sprays, as cancer-inducers and Grim Reapers of health. 

Update 25 Feb., 2015

When agencies fail to protect people, and only mockery will do: 

"I want food that Grandma ate. How hard is that to understand? I don’t want it chemically lobotomized and coated with poison. I don’t want it genetically spliced to become something between a salamander and a tomato. I don’t want it radiated and mutated... I just want good, old fashioned food." 

Ukraine, the breadbasket of Europe, now made genocidal wasteland and financially desperate, has done what?

Signed over its vast, rich agricultural lands to the GMO juggernaut, in exchange for IMF bailout. 

"Mission Accomplished" and more transparently defined:

First lay waste, and bankrupt... Then offer loans.

It's not the only solution in play, though you may not have heard it on the nightly news:

Chilly Iceland turned on a dime, as it were, and imprisoned banksters responsible for fraud and grave harm. Wall Street's bonuses and golden parachutes, apparently lost in translation.

Scotland and Ireland failed, so far, in their bid for independence; impudent Greece may surprise.

Which brings us back to people, getting uppity about not wanting to buy GMO's. 
Update 29 March, 2016: 

And a little celebratory California wine with a candle light and flowers evening meal? Wine Drinkers Beware: Monsanto's Glyphosate Found In California Wines, Even the Organic

Labeling does little; it's simply a delaying tactic, perhaps even encouraged by biotech while they try to take over and contaminate global ag.

But... boycott biotech? Support local farmers markets? Buy organic? Shiver me timbers. 

And not to be tolerated by control-freak, inc. They're losing market share and, God forbid, dominance.

Enter, another ghoul of chemistry-uber-alles:

Label healthy eating as... a psychiatric disorder! 

The Slow Food and No-GMO movements are, thus, suffering from "orthorexia nervosa." Officials Declare ‘Eating Healthy’ a Mental Disorder

Will meds to treat the "disorder" soon follow?!

How stoopid do they think we are? hasn't been far off and goodness knows, it's made gazillionaires. Some of whom seem to be falling off high rise balconies.

Note the edge of desperation among those who have created and profited from chaos. Slam-dunk no more.

I sent the refuse-GMO-get-diagnosed link to my aunt, matriarch of the family, and a retired head nurse. She gives folly the beady-eye from many decades of shmarts. I hope to cheer her century mark! 

She's sent this feisty rejoinder about growing up:

"Everyone wants to be healthy. My mom and dad always strived to keep us happy and healthy. We had a cow that gave fresh milk, cream and butter, chickens for eggs and fried chicken fried in lard.

"My dad always had a huge garden that he kept weed free and beautiful with a hoe (pesticides were a neigh née nigh no no.) Worms were present to turn the soil and for fish bait. We had fruit trees galore and beautiful producing pecan trees along with a beautiful bountiful grape orchard. 

"Our home had a back bedroom cellar with shelves loaded with Mom's fruits and veggies put up in jars, honey from farm trees, and wine my dad had made. Frozen food was stored at local store-rented lockers. We also used the cellar for tornadoes. 

"My grandmother came in from the country on Saturdays in her buggy pulled by Delsey with delights galore (fresh ham, pork chops, beef, homemade biscuits, jelly, etc.) She called Saturday and Sunday tight-shoe-days, because her dress shoes were only worn on weekly town visit and church. 

"I was blessed to grow up in a Godly, loving family. We only got the small pox vaccination required for school. The dogs only got rabies shots. 

"Mental?... Healthy, yes."

(Ref to a famous quote heads this article: Tacitus regarding depredations of Empire, the Roman, that is: "They made a desert and called it peace."

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  1. Thanks for another wonderful reminder that sanity may only be a choice that more and more of us are making. 'Might not be popular according to network TV sponsors, but who'd be wrong if life got better? A LOT better.

  2. Good day. I believe our paths may have crossed in the past. If so, I will be purchasing each of your books. The inspirational individual I had the privilege of knowing also was quite well versed in herbs, tincture etc. If so, is there a book on this topic as well? Although living in a world of technology, I am desiring to deepen my knowledge of bushcraft and wild foods.
    T Sweitzer.

  3. TS, what a treat to hear from you! Yes, our paths crossed. Herbal lore and bushcraft do live through the Wayfaring Traveler books; you'll find quite a lot in the organic farm stories & recipes of: Earth-Whisperers.

    A happy meeting.

  4. Mothers' Day 2017.

    The last word and place of honor in this article was given to our family matriarch. She was long-lived, irrepressible, a mentor, and loved to the end.

    She passed this morning. ...And light perpetual shine upon her way...


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