Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cellphones & Mercury Dental Fillings

Mobile Phones:
Mercury Madness?
Thermal-imaging after 15 min. of cellphone use:


I had thought to add this tidbit to the original feastandfamine cellphone exposé piece, "If I Only Had a Brain." http://feastandfamine.blogspot.com/2009/06/cell-phones-if-i-only-had-brain.html

As in: Wait, there's more.

But this info is huge, global, and creating a monstrous toxic buzz-buzz in every public space.

In case you've wondered about the world apparently gone "mad as a hatter", here's a data point for you to consider: SCIENCE SHOCK: Electromagnetic fields from mobile phones accelerate mercury release from dental fillings

Remember the old Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland? (Heavy metal usage by Clueless, Inc.) Hatters processed their felt with mercury, and MD's prescribed mercury for venereal disease, etc.

In current times, Dentistry endorses mercury, the neurotoxin packed into teeth by the brain. (And dares not mention any oops, mea culpa: Consider the litigation which would follow!)

What if we're creating crazed masses of people, just when 45 millions in the US rely on food stamps, live with cellphones velcro'd to their ears...

And the economy does a splat-dive into an empty pool?

If you are not distancing your cranium from mobile phones, how about a re-think? If you abso-positively must use one, try putting it on speaker; try a head set.

And just wonderin', have you noticed that while cell phones were hyped as a safety-must-have (oh protect your children!) and a glamour-must-have, our land line phone booths have disappeared?



  1. howdy, your websites are really good. I appreciate your work. Dr. Tom Munroe

  2. Dr. Tom, hey. Thanks for checking in and perusing the sites for what may be useful.

    It's such an interesting time to be alive though the jackbootportions of murkgov are certainly bizzy.


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