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Gluten-Stress, Part I, Update: April 2014

Part I

Unrecognized reactions to gluten-grains can land families, children, the elderly in doctors’ offices, pharmacies, health food stores, and hospital emergency rooms.

Gluten-intolerance is rarely diagnosed; instead wide-ranging symptoms are treated. The symptoms are in fact a medical cash cow.

Update, March 2014:

Suspecting you might be gluten-intolerant can feel like a sucker-punch to the gut, with a big lifestyle change waiting in the wings. The good news being, that good health can follow.

Enter Monsanto, Syngenta et al, and their added challenge to healthy choices, thanks to effective slush-lobbying in Washington. Still do-able, however, but it takes paying attention.

Biotech has created GMO foodstuffs so insane and herbicides so toxic that:

What is Gluten?

A grain-based allergy-inducer and auto-immune-nightmare---caused by eating/drinking foods made from:

Wheat, barley, rye, spelt, kamut, triticale. Oats may or may not be tolerated.

(Oats are generally not tolerated, though an effort is being made to produce oats organically, and without any contamination by wheat in the planting fields, silos, and milling facilities.)

Other grains can be deliciously substituted; gluten-free foods are increasingly available.

Gluten-Intolerance is Becoming More Common. Why?

Antibiotics: In feed-lot-meat, and long-prescribed for every human sniffle---prescribed without probiotics, and without understanding about antibiotic-caused gut damage.

Candida: Systemic and pandemic, following our antibiotic follies. (See "Age of Antibiotics meets Law of Unintended Consequences") in:

Grain hybridization: To increase gluten-content for ever-fluffier bread.

Grains poisoned by AgriBiz: Trigger allergic immune reaction in some of us.

GMO grains: Inherently allergenic, and of unknown long-term effect.

Vaccines: Contaminated by heavy metals, adjuvants, and cross-species viruses, vaccines have activated gluten reactivity--especially in the Autism Spectrum population. (See):

Chemtrails: The bizarro fallout from worldwide chemtrail spraying is of concern to health care professionals--Days of heavy spew are followed by an increase in hospital Emergency Room admissions. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue cases have risen markedly since the op began. With such auto-immune disorders and toxic body-burden, digestion may malfunction as well. (See): -->

Alcoholic Family Systems: Alcoholic families tend be gluten-intolerant. ACA's (adult children of alcoholics) tend to marry one another, thus increasing the gene pool of potential gluten-reactivity down through the generations. (See: Gluten Good News at article's conclusion.)

Native American & Native Hawaiian: Eating white man grains made native peoples dysfunctional---It made them conquerable. Wheat flour is ground zero for native loss of physical and mental health. Traditional diets were based on corn, beans, squash, quinoa, amaranth (and in Hawaii, poi.) When missionary sweets, sandwiches, oatmeal, and fry bread became come-lately traditions, health and mental clarity suffered.

So, what’s the Problem?  Wheat’s the Staff of Life, Right?

Wheat and gluten grains can cause a whole-body and brain inflammatory process, starting in the GI tract.

Not a feel-good experience, despite gluten being in many comfort foods.

Stay tuned: Gluten-free nummies will follow in the series.

Examples of Gluten GI Tract Inflammation:

Acid reflux

Stomach ulcers

Spastic colon

Ulcerative colitis

Irritable bowel syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome


Crohn’s Disease

GI tract inflammation means mal-absorption of whatever nutrients we do manage to eat in this junk food era.

The body’s no fool, and realizes it’s not getting the goodies it needs for health and well-being.

It sends out distress urgency signals, also known as out-of-control cravings.

It is, thus, possible to become obese and still not satisfy the body’s needs. We are not “what we eat”; we are what we digest.

What Does Mal-Absorption Feel Like? (crummy) What Does It Do?

People with a grain-, and often a secondary lactose-intolerance, do not absorb vital nutrients, including:

B-vitamins, the energy-gifters; calming minerals like calcium and magnesium; fat soluble vitamins like A, E and D. Fats and essential fatty acids do not absorb well.

People get it that something’s not right; they buy supplements to try to blast some help through the mal-absorption.

Later on, we’ll talk about actually healing inflamed digestion, so it can do its job again.

Gluten and Mental Well-Being:

Gluten reactions may lead to inflammatory processes in brain function.

Say what? Say, the symptoms are legion. Tremendous grief-load of suffering goes by many names.

Symptoms are medicated, rather than a potential gluten problem being suspected and addressed.

An Allergic Reaction to Gluten May Trigger:

Dyslexia (and eccentric ah hah’s of cognition)

Learning disorders (Ritalin)

Sleep disorders (OTC and prescription sleeping pills)

Depression (Prozac, etc.)

Bipolar disorder (Lithium)

Anxiety attack (Paxil, etc.)

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (tranquilizers)

Suicidal depression (sedation)

Schizophrenia (Thorazine, lock-ward, etc.)


Dysfunctional, inter-generational family systems with:

Control freak and victim scenarios

Various types of abuse and domestic violence

Alcohol and drug abuse, workaholism to quell above symptoms/experiences

Gluten and Auto-Immune Disease:

The chronic gluten inflammatory process, with its damaged-gut-leakage of poorly digested whatevers, right into the lymph and blood stream, can wear down adrenals and make the immune system punch-drunk with overload.

The body may begin attacking its own tissues.

Possible Auto-immune Reactivity to Gluten:


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Eczema, psoriasis, zits.




Gall bladder “attack”

Thyroid dysfunction

Type 2 Diabetes

Tachycardia, arrhythmia, mitral valve issues

Asthma, COPD

Reproductive difficulties, including ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, infertility, erectile dysfunction

Crohn’s Disease


April 2014 Update: 

Excellent you-are-there account of horrid gluten symptoms, many meds, and finally taking the "desperate" step of cutting out wheat (instead of  body parts.)

Why Isn’t Gluten-Intolerance Diagnosed from the Get-Go?

Is nutrition taught in medical schools?


A few courageous physicians (and dentists) are studying holistic approaches on their own, including nutrition.

They are the exception, however, to the dominant slash/burn/poison (surgery, radiation, chemo) paradigm.

Support such medical trail-blazers; seek them out. Give them market-share, and the medical industry will eventually follow.

What's the Gluten Good News?

Gluten-intolerance is relieved by not eating gluten. (Details in Part 2).

1) It’s possible to eat fabulously well, gluten-free.

2) Vitality and mental clarity become more and more "normal" and reliable.

3) Greater feeling of competence and safety.

4) Chronic symptoms become noticeable by their absence---Including lessening of cravings and of pain.

Pain is a body-distress cry. Meds---to numb pain symptoms---have been the reigning modality.

Madison Ave has helped make meds must-have's. We've bought into it. Who wants pain, for goodness sake.

The parallel holistic approach to well-being may involve dietary and life style change, and maybe detox, rather than numb-out. Goal: vitality.

Not a journey for the faint-hearted. But what an adventure!

Stay tuned for:
Gluten Can-Do, Part 2

The Obligatory Disclaimer: 
Public service info offered at this site should in no way be construed as medical advice. For any health concerns, see your health care professional.

Ancestral Rumination:
photo: Cereal Killers: Celiac Disease & Gluten-Free A to Z by Dr.Ron Hoggan

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Yeoman Gardener's 5-star reviewed book:      
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  1. Two comments went poof into google-land after upload, including my reply to Patrick R. Will try to replicate:

    Thanks. It is my hope that the info in this series will be both actionable, and freeing.

  2. informative post.

  3. Yeah but.
    What does Gluten do FOR us?
    All my bread-baking years I've heard that it's important to "develop the gluten."
    It makes my yeast bread light and beautiful, for one thing.
    There must be SOMETHING positive to say about it!

  4. Yo Gwen, yes many many years ago before we messed with wheat and depleted and poisoned global soils, it was a sustaining staple food. It has become increasingly allergenic due to AgBiz toxins and biotech manipulation of our food crops. Both Glyphosate in Roundup which is sprayed on commercial wheat at harvest and our maelstrom of GMO's are linked to an increase in celiac disease, autism and cancers.

    But it's been profitable and the FDA and USDA share a revolving door with Monsanto. Public Health is not Job Number One.

    What can we do? Download the app for GMO-contaminated foods to use while shopping.. Boycott the perps and starve their greed.

    We quibble about GMO labeling while other nations ban the GMO assault on health.

    Gradually we stop being herded like sheep. Buy local; support family farms; shop at farmers markets. Plant a garden and teach your children. Americans may have lost our roots as farmers in a rich land, now much degraded, and have drunk the chemical industry Kool-Aid, but it may not be the end of the story.


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