Thursday, April 2, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere; Fluoride in Every Drop

Water, Water Everywhere;
Fluoride in Every Drop

Part One: You’ve got to be kidding

Here’s a question for you -- What sane person would rename a rat poison as a health-product, and add it to drinking water, diet sweetener, infant formula, toothpaste, and Prozac?

Here’s an answer for you -- Sane or not, it’s a done deal.

Nazi (hereafter referred to as Nutsi) scientists came up with the fluoride-in-water idea. Why on earth? Or rather, where on earth?

Concentration camps, is where.

The rat poison, fluoride, affects the brain and pineal gland; it makes the thyroid sluggish; it makes inmates sluggish, docile, and controllable.

Nutsis introduced fluoride into municipal water of occupied territories, and crushed and plundered Europe with the mad dream of an elite Pan-Germany with dominion uber alles (conquering all.)

Stalin got hold of this IG Farben discovery, of messing with will and brain function. Soviet gulags soon featured fluoridated water to keep the inmates mind-numbed, slogging, and making no waves.

The really obnoxious dissidents were declared insane, and drugged out of their minds in asylums. (Fluoride is in many prescription drugs and anesthesia, btw, caveat emptor.)

The Nuremberg Trials showcased Nutsis, and the US government—recognizing expertise—imported them. In an op, called Operation Paperclip, Nutsis were brought into military, intelligence services, and industry.

So? Move along, nothing happening here

American industry developed a potentially expensive problem; they generated mountains of toxic waste from aluminum smelting and AgriBiz fertilizer production--fluoride.

It would cost gazillions to dispose of toxic fluoride waste. Why not, instead, sell smokestack scrubbings, as a beneficial product, at huge profit?

The lobby-controlled US government mandated water-fluoridation as public policy. Think about that.

Such an alliance of corporations and government is called a fascist state.

When your head stops spinning, there’s good news tonight! Nations, communities and whistleblowers are changing the game plan, if plan there be.

Whole countries (EU) are changing their soundbites about "beneficial fluoride", and are removing it from the public water supply.

Physicans & dentists, cancer researchers & biochemists are speaking truth to power, that mandatory fluoridation was/is way not okay. It’s, um, criminal. A few medical types who advocated fluoride, as accepted practice, are even apologizing.

Don’t-confuse-me-with-the-facts had pretty much held sway, till these increasingly interesting times, given the history of corpgov pressure to implement fluoride policy.

Madison Ave. helped, too, emphasizing the adorable, Mom & apple pie -- with cute pix of a little kid, goofy grin, and mouthful of fluoridated toothpaste.

Dis-info pieces by credible authorities implied that resistance to fluoridation was not only futile; ignore any evidence and resistance, as coming from the lunatic fringe.

Not just scientists, many folks, including us chicks, have refused to read the evidence of fluoride’s toxicity to brain, thyroid, bones, teeth (!), its links to cancer and infertility.

We have not wanted to consider power structure complicity, in its imposition of fluoridation upon civilian populations. See the following link for an eye-popping expose’ of the reach of industry, and the health outrages perpetrated:

The lockstep/goosestep is breaking stride. More insiders are embarrassed and fed up by toxic and faulty-science protocols –- as a side note, watch for whistle-blowers turning over the can o’ worms called chemtrails, which may have a fluoride connection:

Meanwhile, here on earth, all life has its being nourished by water, which is increasingly polluted, rivers, ocean, and flowing into our homes. Corporate-dominated government apparently has latched onto a different bottom line than those who weigh the effect of decisions "unto seven generations."

As we come to grips with dead-end corporatist policy, our communities continue to ingest immune-weakening pollutants in drinking water: intentional fluoride and chemtrail fallout; careless radiation, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals. Let's first take care of our families with an effective water filter.  See banner above article for a high-end filter, and consider this latest on tap water:
Part Two: What to Do?
See Table of Contents under "Govt Run Amok."
Illustration: David Dees

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  1. purewaterclub*com
    I have no affiliation with these people whatsoever. I have used their water filter system for 3 years now. Never fails, 0ppm pure water.
    Its sold for saltwater fishtanks, but I figure whats good for my fish must be good for me!
    Really truly pure water tastes better then bottled water.

  2. Hey Sod, yeah, a water filter is a no-brainer for sure. For years, the water filter specs had read, "does not remove 'beneficial fluoride'" But that, at least, is changing, as green businesses have gotten a clue and figured how to deal with the fluoride mess. Will visit the topic of water filters in Part 2.

  3. Excellent blog! I've started my own personal campaign against fluoridation with my own personal story -

  4. Get the fluoride out of my water now!!!

  5. a few more you can check with concerning fluoride.paul connett-FAN.he has an excellent web dear friend daniel stockin-lilly center

  6. Fluoride remains a toxic waste product which was developed by Nazi scientists to in effect lobotomize captive populations. Decide for yourself and your family if its imposition in public water supplies seems humane. Filters are finally available to remove fluoride in-house.

    The American Dental Association has served as a vector for use of fluoride.If they ever officially reversed that stance, would litigation follow?


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