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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Moms of Vaccine-Damaged Children, Update, 19 May 2017

Courageous Medical Doctors Input:

A Formidable Demographic

I've been gradually accepting that the mighty Mississippi has nothing on the emotive power... of the River of Denial.

This denial-demographic includes those who still trust hierarchies and authority figures, the assurances of government agencies, BigPharma, AMA, newspapers and the nightly news. 

And (just ask me) it also includes family and friends!

If you have a look at the right sidebar of this site, you'll find a treasure-trove of info at "Health & Vaccines 101."

Can We Handle the Truth?

I've been ruminating the power of BigPharma and its lucrative head-lock on the vaccine paradigm. Many states, thirty-five at last count, are considering mandatory vaccination.

Oh really? How many re-election coffers have been fattened by lobbyists of the pharmaceutical industry?

Here you'll find CDC photos of child physical-injury from allegedly safe vaccines, even before we get to the Autism issue. Read and weep:

What about Jolly Toddlers, Turned Zombie?
The hope of our future--whose parents in good faith followed their pediatricians' advice--without reading the vaccine insert warnings.

Despite BigPharma paying Big-Bucks to protect itself from vaccine-indemnity, the government has still quietly been paying out dribbles of compensation. Don't expect to learn about this on the nightly news.

A Few Concerning Examples:

1) The grandchild of a friend has a potentially fatal peanut allergy. How? From peanut oil in vaccines.

2) Children not blest with adequate nutrition in utero, and then fed GMO-junk, by poor or unaware parents, seem to be more vulnerable to vaccine-harm.  

To what exactly?

To allergies, auto-immune diseases, "failure to thrive", to Learning Disabilities, to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

3) US children are the most vaccinated in the world, and the least healthy.

4) The Amish, however, do not vaccinate their children. They produce robust farm kids, unafflicted by Autism. 

Do you consider that a co-inky-dink? 

None, versus the CDC stats which follow?

5) CDC now admits to 1 in 68 kids with ASD. BigPharma and its bullyboy, CDC, produce and push ever more vaccines. 

Concerned voices in the holistic medical field warn of the potential for 1 in 2 kids with ASD by 2025.

And who will pay for their learning-disabled schooling? Who will calm the parents?

Adult Vaccine Exposures:

1) Did you know that annual flu shots, laced with brain-slamming Aluminum and Mercury, are already mandatory at nursing homes? 

Can we believe that there's no causal connection with rising dementia/Alzheimer's stats? Add to that, rising Parkinson's Disease. 

I know folks who feel protected by their annual flu shots; two of them have Parkinson's.

Big Box stores and Pharmacies push the paradigm. What's it been worth to their corporate bottom lines?

flu shots signs 
 2) I have a dear friend who thought a flu shot might be a good idea as he was getting on in years. He was promptly rendered a near invalid by Guillain-Barré syndrome. Litigation via class action suit is pending.

3) RN's, registered nurses, are being threatened with job termination if they refuse mandatory flu shots.

4) Gulf War Syndrome had many toxic inputs including burn dumps and Depleted Uranium weaponry. The grunts also obeyed orders, and stepped up for a warlock's-brew of experimental vaccines.

In a reprise of the Viet Nam era Agent Orange cover-up, the VA does not recompense/does not acknowledge harm. 

It does diagnosis Gulf War Syndrome as psychological in nature and prescribes anti-depressants and anti-psychotics. 

Yet more BigPharma lucre.

Mothers Revisited:

Please check the DIY Detox Bath info at right sidebar under Vaccines. Mothers of ASD children are not going gently into their kids' good night. 

Detox baths and optimal nutrition have helped restore non-responsive autistic kids to their families.

Am adding another clay-bath link, which Moms of autistic children are also using:

I checked Amazon and found two things of note: Unavailability, and a startling increase in price. I call that promising! Maybe more of us are getting a clue.

Please also take a hard look at the Fukushima header, right sidebar. Indeed, detox baths are a protocol for our global exposure to Fuku's ongoing fallout--from its three China Syndromes, explosion and meltdowns. 

And not just by jet stream, but by the sea--from exposure to the radioactive wasteland, aka, the Pacific Ocean, and its remaining toxic fish. 

The mass die-offs and beachings of marine life are still described as a "mystery."

Will we de-mystify ourselves, and help protect our families?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Poison Gas, Poison Intell, Update

 Photo via Good Free Photos

Poison Intell

Many in the US feel betrayed by recent bellicosity against Syria, which may, yet again, have been based on a False Flag narrative, enriching psychopaths, neocons and arms suppliers.

Skuttlebutt is flying, including from a named & known, insightful voice:

Robert Steele - Inside Source Says Brennan, McCain & McMaster Responsible for Syrian False Flag

As one webmaster, Mike Rivero, phrased it with graphics, on an iconic red baseball cap: 

Make America 
Ashamed Again

Will sound, adult input be permitted by an embattled POTUS? Or will circling the wagons rule, around nepotism and perhaps sycophants? 

Beware of flattery...

Meanwhile, the Military Industrial Complex battens on war, and does not ever own up to its legacy of horrors.

The latest Sarin accusations may be bogus as to source, but the military's Nam use of Monsanto's Agent Orange has not gone away.

Am old enough to have watched the returning Viet Nam vets; many of those still living, number among the homeless.

A man from Taos Pueblo stands by the highway once a month or so, asking for help as a Disabled Veteran. Cannot be easy to stand there; he does not walk well. Many license plates have the symbol, "DV" on them. Legacy indeed.

When I had an organic farm, I was poisoned by power company helicopter spraying the Agent Orange derivative, Agent White, aka 2,4-D.

I went into acute collapse, liver, kidneys, etc. But when the pain spread to my childbearing-age ovaries, I fell to the floor and wept.

Farm Stories
inc. 2,4-D