Friday, December 2, 2011

Superfoods at Home

Tibetan Goji Berries

 Superfoods at Home
Part 1: Gov't permitting
  Part 2: Keeping it simple 

Part 1:  Here you'll find simple ways to enjoy super-nutrient, vitamin-rich foods in your own hearth and home, whether an apartment tiny kitchen or a dream one. Even the homeless with a couple jars and a campstove, we hope, can improve their family's health with this info.

Grandmother wisdom of various cultures, we'll explore, and ah-hah's from the sustainable living paradigm. You'll learn down-home good eating, way less expensive than processed foods from the tender ministrations of the chemical-food industry.

Food self-sufficiency means what? An energy bar? Tubs of Y2K stores long past their sell-by date? Nuking dried noodles?

Could food self-sufficiency mean domestic terrorism?--to the looney-tunes running the Washington asylum.

As I write this, the US legislative branch is debating (and the Senate has passed) a bill to make independent-minded citizens subject to arrest and "indefinite detention." By the military. 

Not just Occupy-Wall-Street protestors (goaded on by agents provocateurs.) US citizens could be under suspicion as domestic terrorists for having seven days' stored food!

How far does that play out?... Mormons? Seventh Day Adventists? Farmers with root cellars? Granny makes a year's supply of strawberry jam? Puts berry-contraband on her pantry shelf?!! How about crock pickles?

In a world gone mad, "the homeland as part of the battleground," politicians are miming Capt. Bligh, control-freaking bounty, and the ship of state.

This attempted "final solution" to the Bill of Rights impediment to absolute power, morphs us-ward, how?  How on earth could this be sanctioned, let alone bullied into being?

Here's how--In direct lineage of "Operation Paperclip", end of WWII, which secretly brought high-ranking and "skilled" Nazis into US government, intelligence services and industry--against the express wishes of FDR and Truman, otherwise known as Presidents. A covert triumph of the military-industrial complex and fascist attitudes toward citizenry. For more about Operation Paperclip, see:

Given government emergency response to Hurricane Katrina, as poor sections of New Orleans went glub-glub, people dying on roof tops, can we count on government to save us, to feed us?... And feed what exactly?  MRE's?  Spam? 

See "7 Fat & 7 Lean Years" to weigh food self-sufficiency vis-a-vis government as Ultimate Daddy. Or Big Brother:

So, what do we do in the quiet of our own kitchens? 

For starters, consider the "convenience" of the kitchen microwave. If nuking food and fluids--damages vitamins, creates free radicals and corrupts even water molecules--such a deal! Initial cautionary research was buried by the power of industry and bribing of legislators. 

An old story. Researchers who churn up cautionary warnings, which could affect corporate carte blanche and bottom line, suddenly find themselves pink-slipped, or denied grant funding.

For an eye-popper, have you come across Dr. Emoto's research about the effect of microwaves on water molecules? (Maybe in the film, "What the Bleep Do We Know!" Link below shows examples of of his discoveries.) Emoto freezes water samples which form amazing, intricate crystals. Water crystals exposed to microwave look hemorrhaged, caveat emptor:
We'll now explore simple protocols to increase the vitality of food and the life force of people enjoying it. Food itself as vitamins, in Superfoods 2, Keeping It Simple:

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