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Spa Day at Home, 8 Sept. Fuku Update

Enviro-Detox at Home

Spa Day! How about a deep soak in healing waters at home? For those without a bathtub, a foot bath is comforting and effective.

The ingredients are inexpensive, with deep benefit. Stock in, for when you can devote a day to healing. For each bathtub bath, you'll use:

1/2 c. sea salt
1/2 c. baking soda (bicarbonate of soda)
1/2 c. healing clay
1+ liter filtered water to drink


Sea Salt: In the US, the most readily available is mined from ancient land-locked sea beds, Real Salt from Utah or Himalayan Sea Salt from Pakistan. These salts are pinkish, trace mineral rich, from seas unpolluted by this era.

Most marketed sea salt is white, from ponds sun-drying along a shore. The first mineral to precipitate out is sodium chloride; pretty much all you get; the sea water is not wholesome.

Healing Clay: Health food stores stock various colors, pink, green, white from around the world. It's possible to buy bulk from a source in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming, which is remarkable. I used it on my farm for both critters and humans.
Why Bother with a Detox Bath?

1) Fukushima blew and was buried by lies, but not entombed like Chernobyl. Cooling systems failed. Fuel rods in three reactors went into meltdown, down down through the containment vessels.

No one knows where they are? Jeezlouise, but lies will out.

Fukushima was built over an aquifer by the sea; a river was diverted to site it. The melted, monstrously radioactive fuel rod blobs apparently have met groundwater, which is rising.

8 Sept Update: Water also moves horizontally. Fuku radiation is spilling into the Tokyo aquifer, a city of 40 million on a very small land mass. The logistics of evacuating a huge city are under discussion, basically, a charade.

(Tokyo has just been awarded the 2020 Olympics!) Another committee, please.

This is also a planetary discussion; we cannot evacuate. Then let impassioned inventive hearts work as planetary people. We alive, who face the greed-detritus of a doomed paradigm.

The ocean itself below the reactors is allegedly boiling from rad-water effluent, a grave uptick in this horror of incompetence and nuclear industry make-believe. 
Tons of rad-water have been released into the Pacific since day one.
The Jet Stream has been wafting global radio-nucleotides also since day one, March 11, 2011.

TEPCO now admits releasing faulty data: not-to-worry readings from instruments calibrated to stop recording, when fuku-radiation reached levels embarrassing to TEPCO.

Current rad-reality (2 Sept. 2013) is gauged at 18x the lethality admitted to. The reactors were built on a fault zone and are structurally unstable.

(Please see other radiation articles in right side bar for riveting account of behavior by corporations, agencies and governments at misleading the public. Act now, if you've not already, to stock in Lugol's Iodine, chlorella and non-Pacific ocean sea veggies. See Resources below.)

Sea salt and soda baths have long been used to draw medical, military and nuke industry radiation out of the body. (Please note this potential help: DU-exposed Vets and peoples of the oil-rich lands subjected.) 

One cancer protocol calls for three weeks of daily sea salt/soda baths. I decided to undertake same as a learning lesson to prepare for this article.

It is crucial to drink copious amounts of water to replace the dehydration of a salt/soda bath, but also to flush out the toxins released. 

After the 4th bath, I had a busy day and drank insufficient water. By day's end, my whole body ached; I had a crushing detox headache, like a vice grip across the occipital region, base of the skull. 

So I came to my senses and chug-a-lugged a couple of liters of water at bedtime. And peed all night. Better planning is advised! 

I made it through ten days of the baths, and had to cease and desist to attend to commitments. (A cancer diagnosis would likely make a course of salt/soda baths the first commitment.)

Why Include Healing Clay?

To help draw out other enviro-sludge of our corp-gov Pandora's Box. The following list is a geek show of collateral damage toxins...

Faint not, stout heart. The baths are to free up mind and body from:

2) Toxic metals and minerals (including aluminum from cookware, aluminum foil, antiperspirants, table salt, baking powder, vaccines and chemtrails; and fluoride from tap water, beverages and canned food; mercury from dental fillings...)

3) Agri-cides, including Roundup which gravitates to testicles, ovaries and breast tissue.

4) Food additives, flavors, enhancers, colorants, artificial sweeteners linked with hyperactivity, etc. Fast Food, Inc.

5) Vaccines and their contaminants of mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, cross-species cancer-causing viruses and auto-immune inducing adjuvants. (Don't mess with Moms. Mothers of suddenly-autistic children, bright-eyed and vocal till mandated vaccination, have been using detox baths to call their kids back from vaccine-Hades.)

6) Drugs, both medical and recreational, which tox liver, kidneys and brain function.

7) GMO's systemically contaminated with Ag-poisons and genetically corrupted. Linked with infertility, cancer and immune disarray. Found in most processed food, feed lot meat production, egg and chicken production, corn chips, tortillas, soy milk, canola oil, etc. Eat organic and support companies which seek market share by getting certified as GMO-free.

8) Plastics, known endocrine-disruptors and gender-benders, from cash register receipts (BPA), baby toys, water and soda bottles, food packaging. Use glass.

9) Cosmetics, petro-perfumes, household and lawn care products containing carcinogenic petroleum derivatives and heavy metals. Nice selection of green products becoming available.
Here's how to do the bath:

30 min. hot bath with salt/soda/clay. Set timer. If the bathtub is the common American shower combo, it won't be adult sized. Marinate in maybe 10 minute sections: 
Legs and hips.
Torso, jaws, back of head (Slide down; bend legs.)
Torso, top of head, forehead

10 min. follow, sitting on a towel and wrapped in one, after getting out of bath. You'll be sweating big time. Drink water, then drink more.

Shower, soap up and shampoo. Do not, repeat, do not omit this step. Your skin will be coated with toxins in a suffocating manner, some oil-based, hence the soap.

Sit and rest a bit more; drink water. Toss yukhy towels and terry cloth robe if used in the washer with borax and detergent; do not use again till clean. Skin will continue to release toxins; best not to apply oils for a day.

What effects to expect?

  • Skin may be way softer, sans unguents.
  • Skin may be mottled for a bit from toxin excretion.
  • There may be stinky gas (wind) passed.
  • Strong smelling urine.
  • Sleep may be deeper.
  • You may feel languid; rest.
  • Mental clarity may rise to meet you!
  • If you don't drink water as though at oasis, you'll not feel well.
  • With a series of detox baths, you may notice hair regrowth (fluoride & radiation can cause hair loss.)



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