Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gov Fuku News Blackout, Update Oct. 2016

Black Rain:


Question to Readers: 
Is Japan blocking citizen access to radiation info? China, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Poland, etc. visit this site. Almost no readers ever from Japan. This is deeply concerning.

Update 2 Oct. 2016: 
"The nuclear disaster has contaminated the (Pacific) the world's largest ocean in only five years and it's still leaking 300tons of radioactive waste every day..."

Update 23 Nov. 2013 
Thyroids and Testicles of California Babies, affected in the womb by Fukushima Fallout. California tests all babies for congenital hypothyroidism. Data compared with Chernobyl disaster. Article will appear in next week's peer-reviewed journal Open Journal of Pediatrics:

Update 24 July 2013:
"The reality of the Fukushima disaster is that it WAS a worst-case-scenario for reactors 1-4. Consider the loss of electrical power for weeks on end and the initial ‘Plan B’ type of ‘water-cannon-concrete-truck’ cooling system response that NRC officials said was all but useless. How does it get worse than no cooling and no power for weeks?
If one considers the source terms and length of emissions that a true ‘worst-case-scenario’ would represent, it is easy to understand why the NRC and DOE had to downplay, delay and purposefully bungle the modeling of the radioactive plume and fallout. As a result President Obama was able make the statement that experts did not expect harmful levels of radioactivity to reach the U.S. and thus there were no warnings or alerts issued for American citizens. Meanwhile, other countries as far away as France, did issue rainwater warnings and green leafy vegetable warnings as well.
'At the end of the day the simple fact remains: the truth about Fukushima (especially as revealed in the NRC FOIA documents) and nuclear power cannot coexist. Until the day of the fateful earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the establishment had been effective at suppressing the truth about the nuclear industry, even after Chernobyl. But now the size and scope of the effects of Fukushima make it impossible to ignore that truth any longer...."

Tactics used to downplay modeling/sampling:


Now back to original Info-Blackout article:

It's raining Fukushima-radiation on the global Commons. Radioactive "black rain" brings down the heaviest fallout.

But what if it's not reported?

2. Aug. 2011: 

What if the news services fail to mention lethal Geiger counter readings at the reactors, now, beyond the range of the instruments?

It rains a lot in Seattle, and the US government has been running tests forJet-Streamed Japan radiation, hinting that results may be withheld.

A matter of "national security."

The US and Canadian governments refuse to declare Public Health concerns--the "community security" of safe water, produce, milk, meat and fish. Refuse to even warn their citizens to minimize radiation exposure.

Your basic crime against humanity.

Leuren Moret—internationally respected expert on nuclear power and DU-weaponry--is on the job, and has released her court statement as an expert witness in a lawsuit brought to force Japanese government officials to evacuate more than 350,000 children from the Fukushima area where they are being forcibly exposed by the government to lethal doses of radiation.

Moret states:

"The west coast of North America is thousands of miles across the vast Pacific Ocean, a long way from Fukushima Daiichi and the radioactive solids, liquids, and gases being released daily and recklessly to poison both near and far. Already we are seeing the effects in North America.

“Air filters from cars in Seattle have been analyzed for hot particles and indicate that Seattle residents are inhaling 5 hot particles a day, in Tokyo it is 10 hot particles a day, in Fukushima Prefecture it is 30-40 times higher - 300-400 hot particles a day.

“Hot particles and alpha emitters such as Uranium and Plutonium have not even been mentioned by the government or TEPCO...

"People on the west coast of the United States and even in Arizona are reporting a metallic taste in their mouths – an indication of radioactive particles in the air as in Japan.

"On the night of June 14, a nuclear incident occurred in the Reactor 3 building in the spent fuel pool when huge bursts of gamma ray fluorescence lit up the night sky and turned the reactor building as bright as the sun, indicating the spent fuel rods and melted uranium and plutonium were boiling off, vaporized along with the rest of the fission products.

"The radiation from this unreported but very dangerous event was released without protecting the residents of Fukushima Prefecture – especially the children. But the radiation was detected at elevated levels from 2:30 AM until 7:30 AM on a monitor in Ibaraki Prefecture. How many Curies were released? When will this nuclear war against the Japanese people and the Northern Hemisphere ever end?

The Japanese government and TEPCO continue to do spokesperson tut-tut's about any danger. In fact, the disaster rages on, un-contained and mum's the word.

The Japanese government fails to warn but does mobilize to threaten, with a new law criminalizing citizen reportage.

Corporate-control of government makes nuke-fools of us all.

With children most at risk, infant mortality rates are reported rising in US West Coast cities, report by an MD and an Epidemiologist.

UC Berkeley had noted San Francisco rad-iodine levels at 18,000% above levels deemed safe--an EPA sophistry. There are no safe levels

Radioactive iodine has a short half-life: 8 days. This makes it a useful marker for ongoing radiation release. It does not otherwise linger for months or centuries.

"Fresh" Tokyo contamination by radioactive iodine (and cesium) is being detected. The failed GE-designed reactors continue to spew.

Tokyo pet owners agonize over pets suffering nosebleeds, hair loss, uncontrollable diarrhea, death. Parents agonize over children suffering nosebleeds, chronic illness, fatigue.

Meanwhile, down on the farm, meat and dairy livestock eat radioactive pasture and hay. This includes North America, take note.

In Japan, beef cattle have been fed highly-radioactive rice straw; the cattle slaughtered for human consumption. (Black rain being implicated.)

Cesium-contaminated beef has been fed to school children and to passengers on the bullet train. For a week. The government then did after-the-fact recall. 

More radioactive beef is turning up. It's not rocket science; it is animal husbandry--the fodder is contaminated.

Governments indulge in CYA (cover-your-@ss) to hide misdeeds and retain power. Governments lie. Governments under threat of citizen backlash even turn on their electorates.

Please see family-empowerment info provided, to help safeguard us on earth where we live in community. You'll find radiation-related articles, right sidebar.

We're not likely to learn this info on national news:

Meanwhile, all life has its being nourished by water, which is increasingly polluted, rivers, ocean, and flowing into our homes. Corporate-dominated government apparently has locked into a different bottom line than those who weigh the effect of decisions "unto seven generations." 


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