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Radiation Remedies, Update 24 July, 2013

Radiation Remedies

Dateline: Planet Earth, 24th July, 2013

The map(s) formerly above, dated from April 2011. They've been "disappeared." So, I've invited an image of Dr. Strangelove. Meanwhile, unreported but ongoing, the Fukushima reactors continue in meltdown, with explosions of Plutonium, etc. from the MOX-fuel reactor No. 3. All into the global Jet Stream and rad-cess into the Pacific Ocean. Problem is monstrous; Let's talk solutions.

Japan, the exquisite, the formidable, and now a microcosm of worst-case scenario Nuclear Paradigm--a meltdown wasteland. On the macrocosm, we have a planetary and accelerating disaster. Timeline of events, coverup, and citizen precautions follow.

26. Jan. 2012 Update: " Japan as a nation state has been destroyed. Its landmass and territorial waters are contaminated. Part of the country is uninhabitable. High levels of radiation have been recorded in the Tokyo metropolitan area, which has a population of  39 million (2010) (more than the population of Canada, circa 34 million (2010)) There are indications that the food chain is contaminated throughout Japan...

"The fundamental question is whether the vast array of industrial goods and components "Made in Japan" -- including hi tech components, machinery, electronics, motor vehicles, etc -- and exported Worldwide are contaminated?...

"While the business media has narrowly centered on the impacts of power outages and energy shortages on the pace of productive activity, the broader issue pertaining to the outright radioactive contamination of the country's infrastructure and industrial base is a "scientific taboo" (i.e the radiation of industrial plants, machinery and equipment, buildings, roads, etc)..."

12. March, 2011: Japan, struck by mega-quake and tsunami, declared a nuclear power emergency. Reactor radiation was released intentionally to ease pressure--we've since learned, uncontrollably. It had been hoped the high tech prowess of that society could contain the nuclear disaster; it could not.
15. March 2011: Explosions and meltdown. The uproiling cloud of radioactivity exceeds Chernobyl, exceeds all experience. Living heroes, with the knowledge to know they're doomed, have tried to contain nuclear catastrophe; they cannot. Nor can life in the mother sea absorb the lethal outflow.
Japanese people are being under-informed and told to seal themselves in their homes, many of which have rice paper walls. The US is being actively misinformed.

How could that be?

GE...We Bring Godzillas to Life!

General Electric (GE) is responsible for the design of the exploding Japanese nuclear reactors, joining BP in the business of terra-cide. GE will face monstrous litigation, which their pay-no-taxes, big bucks will try to sidestep.

GE also owns media outlets--NBC, MSNBC and CNBC (known as "CNBS" to traders.) Major media protects its turf, its access, its perks. "Journalists" soon grasp where their bread is buttered and avoid the unemployment line, by mouthing the party line.

Reportage, therefore, of the caliber of Soviet-era "Pravda," just more bucks and air-brushed glamor.

Germany, in response to public outcry against nuclear power's latest disaster, has shut down seven nuclear reactors for three month review.

And America?  With its many reactors, including the same fatal GE-design, and the known-unknowns of military bases?  God help us.

12. April: Japan now admits it: Fukushima erupta has devolved to a new Chernobyl-- a "7"--there being no higher code-red alarm.

A Cesium-137 radiation cloud is flowing over the western US as I write this, jet-streaming eastward. Small town newspapers, not controlled by GE, have urged people to remain indoors.

13. April: Why, WHY have we not been warned and informed? A "Veterans Today Exclusive" reveals content of the world-encircling rad-plume, and outs the perpetrators of silence.  

This is not a drill:
  1. "The daily outflow of deadly radiation from Japan’s Four Chernobyl’d Reactors increased Ten Times on March 31.
  2. The Japanese Government in conjunction with GE and the American CIA cut off information the next day.
  3. Information has resumed and is “controlled”.
  4. The March 31st Radioactive Plume is expected in the States, the EU and Asia on April 11th and 12th. The Southern Hemisphere will get all this spread out over the next year.
  5. The Plume contains Radioactive Iodine, Strontium, Plutonium, Cesium and other highly lethal radioactive substances."
A. Stay indoors as much as you can, and especially when it rains.  
B.Get into the habit of checking your shoes and those of guests at the front door. Store umbrellas away from clothes  
C. Drink spring water from deep underground old sources. Try to make it local.
D. Do not bathe or wash clothes/dishes in radioactively contaminated water. That is a bit of a problem. You can stock up on baby wipes. That should help some. In the Northeast US Poland Springs is good if a bit acid, so counteract with bicarb once a day – a tsp. in a glass of water. E. Food: This is a puzzle. Buy New Zealand beef from US Wellness Meats. In about a year’s time that will no longer be a good source, as the radiation will eventually cross the equator. Broad leafy greens are known to absorb radiation from rainwater. There was an idea that thicker skinned veggies would be the best but as it turns out, foods rich in minerals will pick up all the nasties as easily for they are heavy metals. Beware of coconuts, and avocados, both rich in potassium, and therefore good at picking up metals . All dairy products are no good. They have Strontium 90, which at the behest of the dairy industry, was made illegal to report the last time this happened. Take it on faith because the probe that will pick it up is attached to a isotope radiation detector that costs $10,000, and up, and there is a waiting list! However you might want to get one of the $600 dollar detectors and you can use it to measure Gamma rays on your food in the market while you are shopping. Gammas are easier to detect. That way you can buy more intelligently. There are waiting lists for those, too. Proceed as if everything changed on March 11, 2011.  It did"
    Japan, the EU and the US, in a neat hide-the-pea-under-the-walnut maneuver, have dramatically increased radiation levels deemed "safe"--when absolutely no levels are safe.

    Protecting the nuclear industry and GE apparently being Job #1.

    The US Environmental Protection Agency has further disgraced itself, in May--test results would become infrequent and likely no longer be made public.

    Citizen Precautions:

    1) Green Tea: Historically, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, surprising healing data would emerge. People not vaporized on the spot suffered radiation sickness. Cancers came later. Those who drank copious amounts of green tea tended to recover. White tea, especially Silver Needle, may be even more effective.

    2) Clay Baths: Healing clay or bentonite has drawing power, pulling toxins out of the body. Clay baths have been taken to help heal the body of exposure to heavy metals, industrial and agricultural poisons and radiation. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Amount of clay ranges from 1 Tbs. to 1 cup per hot bath. 

    Bentonite is available at pharmacies. More exotic clays, rose, green and white, are stocked by health food stores. A particularly powerful clay is mined in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming: Rinse off after thirty minute soak.

    A foot-bath is also effective. It can be as simple as a bucket, of wide enough diameter for the feet, set on a folded towel to help retain water warmth, the legs and bucket wrapped in a towel. 1 Tbs-1/4 cup clay. Might be a useful time sit in comfy chair and disengage from electronics, just close eyes, very soothing.

    Mothers of autistic children report improvement using clay baths. Appalled at the shock of a happy child suddenly screaming into nightmare and remoteness following vaccination, mothers have activated into solution-mode. Clay baths are an ancient form of healing and are real.

    3) Bentonite Veggie/Fruit Wash: The white clay, bentonite, is used by the nuclear industry to sop up radiation from its numerous spills and mishaps. If you use a salad spinner to rinse produce, try a soak of bentonite water, ~1 Tbs/gal. for 10 minutes. Pour off; rinse.

    4) Baking Soda and Sea Salt Baths: The usual protocol calls for one pound baking soda and one pound sea salt. This is a bit weird--the water can actually turn opaque-gray and slimy if there's been significant radiation exposure--from medical procedures or mishaps. Be sure to drink water while soaking, and rinse off in shower afterward.

    5) Lugol's Iodine: solution is taken by drops. With the 2.2% solution, the general recommended dosage is 1-2 drops in a glass of water with 1tsp apple cider vinegar, depending on body weight, 2x/week, (or 3x in the event of nuclear emergency. Are we there yet, EPA? ) Follow directions on your particular bottle; do not exceed dosage. Lugol's is inexpensive and the bottle contains 1200 doses, sufficient to share. Lugol's source:

    7. September, 2011: Re Lugol's Iodine, I have just spoken with a knowledgeable herbalist. Given the magnitude of  Fukushima's ongoing radioactive fallout, it is now recommended to apply Lugol's daily--apply it topically to inner wrist or tummy, 1 drop.  The herbalist stressed that Lugol's may be our most important remedy--Impaired thyroid function is now "normal" due to reasons discussed in the four radiation articles here. (See right sidebar.) Impaired thyroid  function is associated with the diabetes epidemic, Alzheimer's, cancers, depression, chronic fatigue, etc.  As an aside he is currently finding radioactive contamination at 1,000% normal in 1-2% of the herbs he tests (and rejects.)

    10. Sept. Update: In applying therapeutic Lugol's iodine to wrist or tum topically, a guideline is as follows: If the iodine smear is absorbed in less than 12 hours, Houston we have an iodine deficiency. That can mean:

    1. Meager intake.

    2. Or, very high radioactive-iodine fallout, increasing need. As Japan/US/EPA have suppressed data, who's to know?

    I have had a disturbing revelation in that regard. As a nutritionist, I have included sea veggies in my diet routinely for many, many years. I started on Lugol's Iodine by mouth mid-March. Ergo, all bases covered, or so I thought.

    On the reco of the herbalist who formulates Lugol's, I began applying Lugol's topically on a daily basis. And watched appalled as the iodine was absorbed quickly.

    Folks, this is not a drill. See to your families?

    6) Sea Veggies: contain natural iodine. The Japanese have high intake of edible seaweeds and till now have enjoyed exemplary health and longevity. Maine Coast Sea Veggies, a source in the US, has had a predictable increase in international orders when, say, a nuclear power plant in Europe vents radioactivity:

    "Marine phytochemicals found only in sea vegetables have been shown to absorb and eliminate radioactive elements and heavy metal contaminants from our bodies. "
    When Chernobyl blew, at least some of the children received potassium iodide. Why are parents, under Fukushima-cloud, not being advised that they and especially their children are at risk of thyroid cancer? 

    Governmental-let's- pretend, and media-silence, stand as a colossal breach of public duty. 


    7) Kombucha: A probiotic cultured from teas. Most medical research on its efficacy comes out of Eastern Europe and Germany, where MD's prescribe it. Kombucha is now available in health food stores in the US and some supermarkets. It can be made at home. See why-do and how-to at following link; scroll down:

    8) Aloe vera Leaf Cancer Remedy: See your doctor, but this Brazilian remedy is worth a look. A Friar Minor living in the Amazonian hinterland learned it from the locals, and shared it with the world.

    9) Zapper: The Naturopath, Dr. Hulda Clark, developed a zapper to deal with parasites and diseases. It was somewhat complex. More user-friendly and affordable 9V-battery-powered zappers have been developed, some utilizing Dr. Wilhelm Reich's research. Don Croft's version was reportedly sent to a Chernobyl First Responder, dying of radiation sickness and cancers. The man used it 24/7 and is said to have recovered.

    10) Food: We don't yet know how radioactively-contaminated global agriculture may become. If fresh produce gets to be off-limits, it would be wise to have dry goods in pantry. Dried nettles are very high nutrient and delicious added to soups, beans, grains; ditto dried mushrooms, dried garlic, onions, peppers, spinach, spices, sea veggies. Stock in mung beans, which are very easy to sprout.

    Quinoa cooks in twenty minutes and was called the "mother grain" in Inca times. Rice from the Far East is looking iffy. Brown and red rice take 45 minutes to cook, delicious/nutritious drizzled with soy sauce.

    Our fast-paced society may return to higher-nutrient foods and meals together.

    Teas from Japan and China may not be safely available. Chlorella, a valuable tonic and chelator of heavy metals and toxins, is grown in Japan, alas. Existing stocks represent a premier food. Hawaiian-grown spirulina, also an excellent superfood, might be purchased now as well.

    The following link was sleuthed by savvy-friend and contains a moving account by a Japanese physician, speaking of heroes, who gives an account of staying at his hospital in devastated Nagasaki and insisting all staff and patients be fed macrobiotic foods and absolutely no sugar. His patients recovered from radiation sickness, and he and staff were able to remain a vital and healing presence in the midst of radioactive rubble:

    11) Safe In-House Water: All life has its being nourished by water, which is increasingly polluted, rivers, ocean, and flowing into our homes. Corporate-dominated government apparently has locked into a different bottom line than those who weigh the effect of decisions "unto seven generations." 

    As we come to grips with dead-end corporatist policy, our communities continue to ingest immune-weakening pollutants in drinking water: intentional fluoride and chemtrail fallout; careless radiation, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals. Let's first take care of our families with an effective water filter. See banner above article for a wholesome recommendation, and consider:

    Nuclear power plants may be a wrong turn for living things, and they've been built on tsunami-vulnerable coasts and fault lines. Common sense has not prevailed. Natural disasters and human error do happen.  Best scenario, don't live near one, though millions do. It might be sensible to stock in some of the radiation remedies and nutritious foods and rad-filtered water, for your family, for community.

    Fukushima photos:

    Note to Readers:   
    Yeoman Gardener's 5-star reviewed book:      
    Wayfaring Traveler, 
    Whale Rider of the Tide


    1. Hello Yeoman,

      I do appreciate your offerings for prepardness. Very helpful and informative.

      W/re to children getting cancers from Chernobyl, I would like to know what your source of information is w/re to thyroid removal and occurrences of cancer.

      Below is a well written article which begs to differ w/your above statements. One might also consider the most lasting effects of the two A-bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima as well. One can even check out the pictures of those two "vibrant" cities today. The radiation is nearly the same as background radiation in other places today. That is not to say I poo-poo wise preparation, just that the fear mongering going on is just that, mostly fear, not fact.

    2. Appreciate your input, Anon. Here are a couple links discussing Chernobyl fallout of radioactive iodine, resulting in thyroid cancers and hypothroidism:
      I was in Europe the summer following Chernobyl and the after-effects were much discussed in news reports and medical comment.
      I had a dear friend who was a child in Kiev when Chernobyl blew. He received potassium iodide, one of the fortunate few, and lived to become a medical professional in the US. Many close to the event have not been so fortunate.
      The nuclear industry assures us that nuclear power is benign, a boon to mankind, and has had big bucks to back its PR.

    3. Has anyone actually measured fallout radiation in excess of normal background over the past 9 months or so, in the continental US, Alaska, or elsewhere?

      What are the figures?

    4. Joe, Japan has been hush-hush about the magnitude of radiation so citizens with geiger counters are pooling info and mapping rad-levels. In the US the EPA raised allowable limits, then stopped releasing data.

      Mike Rivero is doing a public service compiling current international data at You will find three other articles on radiation here at feastandfamine.

      Chernobyl was a single reactor, w/o cooling ponds as I recall, and was cement-entombed. Fukushima reactors have exploded; TEPCO cannot account for tens of thousands of fuel rods in cooling ponds; containment vessels have melted through; in desperation sea water was flooded into the reactors, which corrodes gauges. Millions of gallons of radioactive sea water have been released into the Pacific.

      The situation is not contained.

    5. Thanks YG! I'd like to find a link to pooled geiger-counter owning citizen info. I can't seem to find that. Have you got any tables like that? Mike Rivero doesn't seem to.

      Seems that information in the format:

      2012-01-31 02:58:35Z -33.914,151.158 0.040 mR/hr

      [date, time, lat, lon, radiation count] (in either microsieverts or milli Rad per hour)

      For numerous locations not in the immediate vicinity of Fukushima would be great. Most interesting would be folks doing it in the US.

      Unless information like this is collected, TEPCO, GE, the media sitting on this story, and governments who are ignoring the problem will certainly be getting away scot free.

      Saying "oh it's really awfully bad" without numbers, geography, and other evidence is entertaining, and may promote people buying radiation remedies, but does little else.

      The map presented, showing 750 Rads (presumably, projected fallout) blanketing the entire western USA, if true, would kill and deathly sicken large numbers of the US population outright. i.e. millions. Presumably the Q factor is 1, i.e. gamma rays, alpha, beta, X-rays, rather than neutrons, so rem = rads.

      1500 rads Q=1 blanketing most of Alaska would kill the population there.

      So where is the real map with the real measurements, since I've spoken with people alive and well in both AK, and CA recently?

    6. Joe, if you click on the link to Prof. Chussodovsky's article in the 26. Jan. Update, you'll find a citizen's rad-map being compiled in Japan.

      You bring up the issue of accountability. Yes, indeed. If radiations facts are withheld by gov's doing CYA (cover your a$$), accountability becomes moot.

      It may be up to whistle-blowers to come forward after the fact. Given impending US bankruptcy and likely failure to fund its social programs, the suddenly unemployed and un-pensioned may walk out with more than a pink slip. Namely, whistle-blower material.

      In the meantime, Public Health is the concern of these pro bono articles, including the other three addressing the Fukushima disaster and coverup: Detox 'Gift' of Fukushima; Black Rain: Info Blackout; Food & Farmland Rad-Detox.

      Thank you for cogent comment.


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