Sunday, February 5, 2017

Roast Our Toes or Freeze our Noses?.. Update 22/2/17

And is Global Warming 
Even the Issue?

So, it's been snowing in the Sahara, but am curiously blocked from posting any free image here. Are we being protected from knowing that's happened?

Global Warming has been the ELE, (extinction level event) the be-very-afraid buzzword for years. It's repeated and repeated as eternal verity on radio and television. My own friends and family repeat it. 

Is it true?

Do governments lie?..  Do they misdirect? 

A propoganda minister, Goebbels, stated that the bigger the lie, the more it must be repeated, repeated, and with absolute conviction. The terrain of course of sociopaths with other agenda. The lie eventually becomes reality, common knowledge.

Scientists assured of research grants and tenure, etc. may merge with a political agenda, rather than "pure" science. They may in fact be the experts interviewed by media, including NPR the virtuous and CNN.

Whistle-blowers find themselves unpleasantly threatened: they're mocked and that's the least of it. They're threatened with termination, professional or otherwise.

Despite this, many credible scientists hold a withering view of Global Warming, and especially the data-corruption dance to "prove" it. They speak out. Check it out.

Has Soros, the money-intruder, been funding the op? Lavish lifestyles to the mouthpieces? The insistence on carbon credits has also been enriching.

Meanwhile, hello, Solar Grand Minimum which equals few sun spots, and cold.

Thomas Jefferson lived at the tail-end of a mini-ice age; we may be at the snarling-end of a new one. 

At his mountaintop home, Monticello, he had a sort of root cellar dug into the north side. In those days, the river froze so deeply that oxen hauled up huge chunks of ice to be covered with sawdust, and the ice then available through summer. The river has not frozen in living memory.

Since I'm being amazingly interfered with, writing this rumination, look up the "Maunder Minimum" and the "Year without Summer." We're talking longer cycles than a generation, longer than sound-bites.

In the midst of interesting times--turning over rocks--lies are erupting like Godzilla. As a brazen example: UN Official Admits Global Warming Agenda Is Really ... - Zero Hedge

The urgency-hype and startling snows are not passing the smell test. If global warming is not just an enrichment and power-monger agenda, what could a misdirection be about? 

Could it be years of ELE coverup and news-blackout by governments, agencies and industry?

Again, am blocked from posting an image. 

But speaking of Godzillas, let's talk Fukushima--China Syndrome, the melt-through of containment vessels, and explosions of Plutonium into the Northern Hemisphere jet stream... Not news-worthy? Nor that GE designed the failed reactors?

The radiation has just grown nastier and impossible to hide. Indeed, an ELE, of reactors giving way and built on a sandy beach.

A quick Fukushima refresher:

The catastrophe was treated by US media as an unfortunate event, but not long-term concerning. Reportage ceased.

EPA shut down rad-recording stations and raised the "safe" limits on rad-exposure. speaking of corrupted science. There is no safe exposure.

The public was not and has not been alerted to the horrifying gravity of the situation. No problem?... No solutions proffered. 

US citizens have not been warned:

To take potassium iodide or liquid forms to protect the thyroid.
To drink green and white tea.
To eat non-Pacific sea veggies.
To absolutely NOT eat rad-poisoned Pacific seafood.
To think hard before flying in the toxed jet stream. Pity the flight crews. 
Dead sea creatures, beached in the millions, reported as a "mystery."
Surfing? Are we mad?

In the land of Samurai honour, the surreal has reigned:

1) On TV news the Japanese were advised that smiling was a protector against radiation.

2) It was made a felony for MD's and journalists to report on radiation, cancers, birth defects and death. In Feb. 2017, now punishable by ten years in jail. Reporters Face 10 Years In Jail If They Mention Fukushima ‘Conspiracies’

3) The then PM made a point of eating Fukushima rice and fish; he now has cancer. 

4) Online info was blocked by the Japanese govt., including access to the alerts immediately written here. (See right sidebar.) Eastern Europeans still plagued by Chernobyl came roaring in as readers. The Japanese were lied to, and blocked from info.

It may be time to look at actual threats, and what solutions we might implement. Until a problem is named, willy-nilly misdirection and angst-hysteria may rule. 

And P.S., perps do not face Hara-kiri, or legal consequences.

Google-gorilla note to readers: 

Given the pro bono nature of these articles and the wayfaringtraveler.blogspot stories, I went with free, with the google template.

1) For quite some time google has been messing with stats
2) It's become difficult to access the sites. 
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5) Hack-attacks prevail when I'm trying to compose & post new wellness info or do storytelling.

With these apparent interference patterns, the standing body of work is still freely given, with thank you to readers for a grand adventure. If ever you read the Wayfaring Traveler books, big high-five to one and all.


  1. Our generation, oblivious to adulthood, are now custodians of a world about which those with agendas offer lies and distortions.
    Hallelujah for the way-showers, those who speak truth, those who see and share facts, and those who promote life rather than death and separation.

    Thanks, Wayfarer, for a light on the path. Corporate media calls it an open highway. Add light and you've got boulders, booby-traps and sinkholes.

    We can make, but we'd do better holding hands.

  2. A few months ago I read an article on Aletho News, and followed up with another by Chris Green, which proposes that the agenda behind "Global Warming" concerns the derailment of nuclear power after Three Mile Island, and the establishment's wish to co-op the environmental movement to get nuclear back on track. This correlates with the policies of Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s, and makes sense in light of the sudden concern with climate in that time period.

  3. Is "global warming" really the issue? Um...
    NO. The REAL issue is the Western "elite" FINANCIER "Jew" World Order.

  4. For those who need some inspiration that WE are on the right path in our fight...

    "If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper you are misinformed." Mark Twain
    The control of information is something the elite always does, particularly in a despotic form of government. Information, knowledge, is power. If you can control information, you can control people. Tom Clancy

    "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."
    William Casey CIA Director (from 1st staff meeting 1981)

  5. The average global temperature is...impossible to measure and harder to calculate than you might think. While GISS and RSS and UAH and GHCN might be a confusing jumble of letters to most people, there are people pushing for global taxes, global courts and individual carbon budgets based on these data sets. So let's roll up our sleeves and take a look at the concept of "average global temperature."


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