Monday, August 14, 2017

Riots & False Flags; Mass Migration, Update 24 Aug 2017

A counterdemonstrator used a lighted spray can against a white nationalist demonstrator.
Guy with flame identified as from U. Nevada
Funding Chaos

Well, it may be the oldest power ploy on earth.

Those fearing loss of power due to economic downturn, crop failures.... or wait for it... exposure of malfeasance, shift into high gear: 

Create an enemy, that's the ticket! 

18 August 2017

Historical examples:

Yellow Peril
Osama bin Laden, aka Tim Osman, CIA-asset 
(Thanks to a reader for catching the aka.)
Saddam Hussein & WMD's
Current POTUS, and those who voted for him

The Deep State/deep pockets "intelligence agencies" provide funding: for Manchurian candidates, for assassinations--Rest in Peace JFK, RFK, MLK--for riots, and mass shootings. 

Regime change, or calls for gun control/knife control soon follow. End the US Second Amendment now!

Speaking of not distant power-grab history, I once read a riveting account by an elderly Austrian lady. She was alive in the 1930's global Depression and Nazi era. The Austrian economy was terribly hard hit with unemployment, inadequate food, despair.

Enter... Adolf Hitler and the Anschluss! He promised safety and full employment. Many Austrians, but not all, welcomed the economic saviour and promised relief.

Hitler's triumphal entry into Vienna:

 Thanks to for the archival pic

 He did employ Austrians, and soon slave labor, for his war machine.

Small print not realized by Austrians--a mountainous land where people hunt to feed their families, and heads of family had known the violence, rapine and plunder of centuries of war:

Hitler promptly demanded registration of all guns, for safety's sake, which then made confiscation of Austrian rifles and guns straightforward. 

Thus, ensuring there would be no internal insurrection against Nazi barbarism and tyranny...

Power-mongers feed off chaos, the energetic thrill of it, and the save-me-oh-save-me opportunity to offer draconian solutions, and to impose martial law.

The US and allies have created the EU/UK refugee crisis: bombing, bombing--allegedly for regime change--in oil, opium and mineral-rich regions.

Globalist interests are funding the mass migration of 18-25 year old young men, marketed as refugee families. The PR worked, the "families" were welcomed with banners, balloons and teddy bears.

Dense migrant populations in the EU have imposed Shariah Law, and entitlement violence against women and non-believers. 

Areas are being designated as "no-go zones"... by the police.

Stockholm is now known as the "rape capitol of Europe."

Government and gov-controlled media, the apparently suicidal politically-correct, permit no mention of perp-ethnicity.

A particularly brazen imposition of chaos has intruded on the already troubled USofA, to wit, soros-funded business opportunities for the unemployed in a down economy. 

Eyewitness Account
24 Aug. 2017

Here is the ad offering $25/hr. to the rioters who were delivered to Charlottesville in 6 buses. Staged violence and theatre. Who pays their legal and hospital fees..?


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Reporting and writing from the Rocky Mts.


  1. a virtual orgasm of stupidity...

    the {{{{MODERN SOCIETY}}}} is

    Remember Rachel Corrie &

    Deir Yassin...

    not to mention the 60 million
    Non-Jews in Russia, and
    all the unborn sacrificed too



  2. Davy, I hear you and I also am attentive to the hypocrisy and mendacity of political alliances.

    I decided not to open the can of worms/vipers that you mention in this article. It is an irrational zone... of fearing and hating what one harms.

  3. The presenters of this article, as claimed above, are "Public Serv."- anything presented this way is suspicious. It's prob. from the gov. They've lied so many times....every time they open their mouths!

    And you notice, again with Hitler. Every article from the gov leads back to HItler. Never a mention that Hitler was funded by the NY bankers and Wall Street.

    Never a mention of Stalin, and that he tortured & SLAUGHTERED 100+ MILLION People, NOT the petty 6 million jews, Hitler was supposed to have killed actually ( were about 170 thous) that died from the lice, they, themselves brought into the WORK CAMPS).

    Why are the jews more impartant, that death of jews more important than the rest of non-jews?

    WHY do the non-jews, STILL adhere to the myth of the "chosen" people.

  4. It was Tim Osman, bin Ladens CIA name.

  5. look at that photo. are we really supposed to believe that arab muslims in sweden would use english words printing "shariah police" on their orange safety vests? also in english it is "sharia" with no H. either y'all are liars or someone is lying to y'alls.

  6. Thanks for input in way too interesting times. Appreciate the Tim Osman, duh, heads up. Have corrected same.

    Re Shariah pic, if the guys are from Afghanistan or Pakistan, formerly part of the British Raj, English is still widely spoken there.

    In other articles at f&f, you'll find ref to Hitler, his funding by banksters, the allies bombing RR's leading to the camps; typhus pandemic when the MD's were sent to the Eastern front, etc.

  7. Adolf NEVER confiscated any guns in Germany or in Austria - that was and IS "media" lie like Reichtag fire.

  8. Matt hi. I've just added the link re the Austrian lady to the Anschluss portion of the text.

    Hitler excites both revulsion--and nostalgia--as living memory of Gestapo and SS die out.


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