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Earth's Water

 Earth's Water

Water, do we drink enough, or dare we?

I lived among flowing streams in my farm days, and am "haunted by waters." The sweet smell and life force of deep springs rising from rock.

Let's explore the water of the world a bit, shall we? 

The predator class is certainly on the scene, buying up aquifers, ravaging springs for profit, and waging it's-mine-not-yours resource wars for the water of arid regions, as well as for oil. Apartheid, Inc., mine-mine-mine. 

Water as wealth; water, the precious, the finite, as we rampage along imagining no hazard to pollution. Water, the new gold.

Let's consider the following propositions in our smaller realities, the up close and personal world of what comes out of the kitchen faucet:

1) Fukushima's global imprint on seas and potable water. The common sense and unreported urgency to filter drinking water.

2) Chronic dehydration as the modern norm and veritable cash cow of medical ills, as per the expose' work of F. Batmanghelidj, MD in his book, Your Body's Many Cries for Water.

3) Dr. Emoto's amazing discoveries on the energy signature of waters.

4) The water pollutants, fluoride and chemtrail fallout, you will find already detailed in jaw-dropper articles, right sidebar, under "Govt Run Amok."


To begin with Godzilla, the fallout of Fukushima, know that we are being routinely lied to--by governments, their agencies, and by complicit media silence. 

Given that silence most folks assume Fukushima, and fallout, if it happened, are "yesterday's news." Please see the four radiation articles written here, also right sidebar.

The US Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA, simply shut down monitoring stations when Fukushima blew, in order to un-report the radioactive behemoth falling in our global forest. 

Live rad-distribution maps were removed from the Net ... Move right along; nothing to see here.

Given the Jet Stream, fallout drops initially Northern Hemisphere, but eventually worldwide.

Nor were citizens warned to take therapeutic iodine, sea veggies, or to avoid "black rain", the rain bringing down fallout in excess of Chernobyl. 

How could corp-gov be so venal, shielding industry perpetrators rather than people? 

People may well ask, and orange jumpsuits may follow. Historians will be discussing this history-in-the-making for years and years, delving the coverup and the violation of Public Health. 

Meanwhile, millions of gallons of radioactive Fukushima cooling water are being flushed into the Pacific as though the sea were a cesspool. Ocean is big, but the world is small. 

Is sea life safe? Dolphins, whales, turtles, plankton? Are global fisheries at risk? Is it safe to eat Pacific fish? A tsunami debris field said to be the size of Texas is nearing the North American coast.

As to the water of our lakes and reservoirs and tap water itself, the fallout is ongoing. Fukushima continues to deteriorate, and mum's the word. 

In Japan, citizens are reporting what government will not, with their own Geiger counters and rad-mapping. Global citizens may be the final reportage source of contamination of our soils and water, and the levels of life form exposure.

I suggest we take precautions as families and as communities, filtering out radioactivity (and fluoride, pharmaceuticals, chemtrail crud, heavy metals, etc.) from our drinking water. 

It has been frustrating and difficult to find any filter capable of that task. A gravity-feed unit, for example, does not remove radiation at all, and uses holistically-iffy aluminum in its fluoride-filtration. Caveat emptor. Please see concluding remarks.

Dehydration, the Norm:

Beverages are not water, especially those laced with caffeine and aspartame, as we slurp diet sodas by the obesity-inducing gallons. 

Coffee, tea and alcohol, we count as fluid intake when these drinks are diuretic and further dehydrate water-deprived tissues of the body.

Over the years of seeing nutrition clients, I would first ask them to record a few days worth of foods and liquids which actually, really passed their lips. 

They brought to my office a Jackson Pollack canvas of presenting symptoms---psychiatric, chronic fatigue, auto-immune, the various out-of-control behaviors of 12-step programs---but they had one common squiggle.

NO-body drank enough water, say, 2+ liters per day. If they drank any at all, it was likely to be aqueous-exotica purchased in toxic plastic bottles---Fiji, France, the moon?

In Your Body's Many Cries for Water, Dr. Batmanghelidj describes the bod's emergency prioritizing of water delivery, when we don't drink water. Capillary beds constrict, shunting water to most urgent need. 

We feel pain, fatigue,and eventually may experience tissue malfunctions: named medical conditions with dismaying prognosis. 

The good doctor had his water-to-the-rescue wake up call while awaiting his own death as a political prisoner. The guards found him useful, treating other prisoners, so his execution was delayed. 

Problem was, there was no clinic, no medicines provided. So he had at his disposal, the bedside manner of a mensch, and water. 

He was called to treat a prisoner with severe migraine. There being nothing else, he had the man drink a liter of water. And "cured" the migraine, to his own astonishment. Dr. B. was spared and continued his ah-hah journey with the healing powers of therapeutic intake of... water.

Dr. B. speaks the dread word "malpractice" re doctor colleagues immediately prescribing analgesics for pain. He describes pain as a signal of dehydration. Normal protocol of medicine, as now practiced, being to silence the signal. Instead, says he, first drink water.

His book is written for the lay reader, but is not insulting to those with a medical knowledge base. For folks into paradigm shifts, he's launched a biggie. 

A worthy read with letters from patients describing startling returns to health, using his back-to-basics approach: two glasses of water when your feet hit the floor, two glasses before each meal, and a night-time recommendation for sleeplessness which may astound.

At the time of writing, he suggested using just tap water, letting it sit for the chlorine taste to disperse. He does mention the potential advisability of a water filter in the case of water pollution.

Are we there yet? 

Dr. Emoto: 

When British Petroleum got away with fouling and essentially destroying the Gulf of Mexico (stay tuned for ooze-news from that coverup), Dr. Emoto urged all so inclined to imagine healing energy, flowing down the rivers into the Gulf.

For the fix-it-now pragmatic twitch in most of us, we might consider that idiocy, yea, magical thinking, yet Dr. Emoto has done some stunningly interesting research on water as conveyor of thought, of energy.

He had the off-the-wall idea to freeze various waters into crystalline form, a bit like snow flakes, and photograph the results. 

Lourdes water and that of other high energy springs froze into brilliant and coherent crystals. Water left by a computer looked gross in form, ruptured or hemorrhaged.

Then he did an ah-hah leap and had known healers hold water--lovely crystal forms emerged on freezing. He put written words under tap water, and even that altered form. 

He had hate or anger directed toward water, which seemed to retain that signature, for the crystals were deformed.

Given that we bumbling humans, who don't drink water, are basically life form water, how do we imprint ourselves and one another, and the waters of this world?


So, there’s thought, loving or run-amok, and then there’s action:

All life has its being nourished by water, which is increasingly polluted, rivers, ocean, and flowing into our homes. Corporate-dominated government apparently has locked into a different bottom line than those who weigh the effect of decisions "unto seven generations." 

As we come to grips with dead-end corporatist policy, our communities continue to ingest immune-weakening pollutants in drinking water: intentional fluoride and chemtrail fallout; careless radiation, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals. Let's first take care of our families with an effective water filter. See banner above article for a wholesome recommendation, and consider:

photo: www.freefoto.com 

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