Friday, November 10, 2017

Veterans Day & Fukushima

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Those Who Go Down 
To the Sea in Ships

Here's an honest disclosure: I grew up with command-rank Naval officers, and a Semper Fi uncle. Duty, Honor, Country.

That said, many false flags later, the Forever-War enriches Mil-Indus greedsters and politicos at the lobbyist trough.

Our military grunts pay the ultimate price, of death, dismemberment, PTSD, divorce, and suicide...

Unreported, and oceanically difficult to hide:

The Fukushima cover-up has been a stupefying outrage, as Public Health violation and nuttin-to-see-here planetcide.

You'll find Fookyou articles in the right sidebar, a chronicle of protecting: 

The nookular industry.
GE, designer of the China-Syndrome'd reactors.
Pacific Ocean fisheries.
And photo-op politicians. 

I wrote the first alarum expose' on the morning of the Fukushima disaster; see "Radiation Remedies."

Since then, media has grudgingly reported "mysterious" Pacific die-off of marine mammals, sea birds and fisheries. We're getting closer to there being no there, there. 

Not being warned by EPA, etc., many folks still eat Pacific salmon, tuna and sushi. 

With that media-obfuscated backgrounder, we're coming up on Veterans Day.

In honor of those who serve, and my grandfather and uncle who witnessed Pearl Harbor, consider the following... 

A shot across the bow of public awareness:

The US government has tried to hide the flag-draped coffins coming home. Many lies are uncoiling in these interesting times.


Day is done, gone the sun,

From the lakes, from the hills,
 From the sky.

All is well, safely rest.

God is nigh.


  1. Though he NEVER talked about it, my father served on a Navy Minesweeper. Imagine - looking for mines! Worse, imagine how they found 'em.
    This clearly written piece brings up a big question. If we are lied to, and then repeat that lie to our children, what have we done?
    But that was our parent's question; few asked it, fewer answered.
    Our question is different. Now that we KNOW we've been told lies, what will we pass along to our heirs?
    The truth, more than ever, is an emerging option and possibility.
    Red pill, blue pill? Or no pill at all so we really turn on the lights for a change!

  2. These people who go into the military today go on their own, they are not forced or pushed.

    1. Richard, yes and no, and thanks for your input. (Cheery wave to Anon.)

      The corporate op of offshoring jobs has hit entry level folks particularly hard (that and corp love of paying sh*t wages to illegals.)

      Kids come out of secondary school to food stamps, no job. College grads come out with student debt, no job skills, or job offers.

      Both groups may not be able to pay rent, and warm their backsides on the basement sofa of their parent(s).

      Volunteering for the military when out of work and maybe lean and hungry can mean job-training, a big come-hither. Not to mention inclusive "perks" of a cot in the barracks (or combat tent) and meals of some sort.

    2. Are you surprised, Their brain washed From birth. They believe the deep state propaganda. And not surprisingly they die for their Kazarian overlords.
      What are you, some kind of neocon?


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