Monday, August 18, 2014

Pharoah's Dream & Infertility Food, 3 Sept., 2014 Update

 School Lunches

"7 Fat & 7 Lean Years" opened this info-journey six years ago. Joseph had interpreted Pharoah's dream as leadership needed to store food and prepare for lean years of crop failure or drought or war. To prepare for hard times.

Are we there yet?

I had watched abusive government response to Katrina. The poor were disarmed by Blackwater mercenaries and herded like cattle. International and local help was refused; federal "help" ruled. What on earth was going on?

In those intervening six years, leading into 7-Fat for Wall St. and 7-Lean for Main St., government has prepared for hard times---by arming itself against its people!

Pathologies seem to be setting policy. And what about the food?

I've been reading about school lunches this morning. Thirty-one million GMO meals are served to US kids each school day. Among other common sense interventions, Mom's may save the day!

For many poor children, school cafeteria food represents the only "real" meal of the day. Corporations have mandated the content: GMO's, HFCS, gluten and flavor-addicting chem lab glop.

Is this a problem?

Well, GMO's are linked to cancers, degenerative disease, ADHD, asthma, allergies and to infertility and genetic deformities down the generations, Toxic HFCS (high fructose corn syrup, from GMO corn) sets the stage for diabetes and obesity.

Update, 3 Sept. 2014: For a compelling contrast in kids' health, what do French children eat in their school cafeterias; how is it sourced;  how is it served?

The control of food supply profits and control of population seem to be irresistible to those in power, those at the corporate trough.

I have watched dear friends wean their babies to soy formula and a growing up on soy milk, touted as best for babies. I have also watched some of those children emerge with gender-blurring. Other children have been affected more immediately:

At least 22 children in India have died as a result of eating soy-based school lunches served to them in the country’s Bihar state, according to new reports. The tainted lunches, which were loaded with genetically-modified (GM) soybeans and pesticide chemical residues, were given to the student victims as part of a U.K.-based government meal program similar to the one currently being implemented in the U.S. by Michelle Obama for American public schoolchildren.

Soy, historically, was never eaten un-fermented. AgBiz did PR about the bliss of soy milk. Its un-fermented plant-estrogens are not suitable for human consumption and can affect gender and fertility.

Affecting fertility is a stated population control agenda, if not with direct birth control then via Biotech tampering with food, for example: a GMO corn which reduces sperm count.

Note also the "philanthropic" funding of global vaccine programs which seem to leave young women of child-bearing age infertile. A co-inky-dink perhaps.

Poor parents count on a school lunch of food industry confabulation to fill aching corners.

So, how do we protect our children from insidious Dr.-Mengele-deformed food, especially the children whose parents rely on EBT card purchase of processed foods from GMO-Central?

Short answer: God help us.

Long answer: Brown bag school lunches of food from home; communities, community gardens and small farms will eventually reclaim bits and pieces of the AgBiz wasteland.

Until then, degenerative diseases, caused by AgBiz land-plunder and poisons, will be treated by another of its subsidiaries, BigPharma, in league with the slash/burn/poison oncology paradigm.

Circular, confusing, and a labyrinth of profiteering, with our children at risk.

It's not the whole story as more and more people get a clue, but the transition to common sense and good health may be messy.

For starters, try to buy local, buy from farmers, farmers markets. If you can, plant a garden or offer to help a gardener in exchange for food. It's a fine barter, honest helpful labor and the reward of good eating. It's also outside the machinations of food industry food-degradation.


  1. Thanks for loving us and never giving up on informing and nudging!

  2. Oh hey hon! You as mother and grandmother hold part of the future in your arms. A friend once asked if I'd be fairy godmother to her children. Indeed, I write stories and read aloud. It's you who've changed the diapers.


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