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Bank Theft, Bail-In Alert & Update

Banks Steal 
Depositor Savings

9 June 2017 UPDATE:

BPEarthWatch re US banking collapse...
No bail-out this time of Too-Big-to-Fail-Banks.
You're it, folks. It's Bail-In time. 

 8 April 2017 UPDATE:

"The IMF (International Monetary Fund) or as I like to call them – International Mafia Federation – is showing its true colors and proving beyond question this organization is nothing more than street-corner thugs in high-priced suits.

"With the release of this latest working paper on how to enslave nations, steal the remaining sovereignty of the people and nations they have drawn up plans to force a cashless society upon all the people within IMF member nations..."

28 March 2013 UPDATE:  

So, fiduciary responsibility has morphed into plunder. Capital controls are imposed in Cyprus, as in limits to withdrawals, nor oopsi may funds leave the country.  

Although, a London branch of Cyprus banking was apparently left open so monster-depositors could extract their lucre (and not want to harm anyone personally) while small fry on the island found themselves broke. 

One Cyprus bank is savaging depositors to the tune of 80%. (Savers are left with 20% of their imagined savings, courtesy of EU membership and the IMF--known in the Third World, but not in the First, as a devourer of nations.)

Iceland had saved their economy the old fashioned way: They repudiated the bank fraud and jailed the banksters. But back to the op still in play...

The uh-oh portion of the Cyprus dominoes process is not reported, namely that these outrages are foreplay to a global gangbang, which very much includes all-us'uns. 

The heist, of depositor nest eggs, is being presented as a government tax and therefore has no reference whatever to bank failure insurance via the US FDIC, assuming funds were there...

They're not, yet a retired banking relative of mine is sanguine on the matter of fiduciary responsibility and depositor security of their hard-won wealth. I could scream, and have a bit, in Cassandra mode. 

Now heading back to the sanity of fruit tree pruning, cutting out dead wood... 

Plunder, Inc 

Anyone who's been paying attention to theft-at-large, has suspected that bank fraud "too big to prosecute," might not end well.

Now we have flashpoint, and you may not hear about it on the evening news. News-mouths keep their jobs by protecting corporations, by smiley-mouth diversion and obfuscation. 
The EU is in a flaming uproar, but who knew?
Come meet an island of Greeks and Turks called Cyprus, eastern Mediterranean, our not-ending-well flashpoint.
Bank doors have closed to customers, nearly two weeks now. ATM withdrawals are limited to a pittance; ATM's are being emptied; one blown up, so far, by a furious depositor. Savers and bond holders wake up to find themselves fleeced, to cover the shortfall caused by the banks.
What does it mean when a "bank holiday" is declared? Well, employers cannot make payroll, or order supplies or groceries; store shelves empty. The economy grinds into rubble.
What happens if the banks open?... The dreaded "bank run" begins, with frantic depositors trying to get their savings back into their small realities of needs, hopes and plans--college, the home addition, and not to put too fine a point on it, food.
Unfortunately, with fractional reserve banking, very little cash is actually on hand; few depositors can be accomodated in a crisis. A bank which opens its doors to bank runs, quickly fails. 1933, again and the generation that lived it, now dead.
Cyprus is imposing a 40% "haircut," such a quaint term for outright theft, on larger depositors, many of whom are Russian ex-KGB. (Have they lost their minds?) Spain didn't pause for breath (or for depositors to have time to mobilize.) Some folks will lose everything, others a mere 61%.
So, no one can get at their own expletive-deleted money. Here's the deal: 

Businesses in Cyprus are now refusing debit and credit card payment, with no guarantee of that being worth squat. It's CASH ONLY, or hit the road.
Europe-wide bank runs and worse may be in the offing. Skimming of bank accounts qualifies as a confidence-shaker. A bad precedent, and a reminder of bad times in Fascist Europe.

"Depositor Haircut" Provision:

If you think it can't happen here, you haven't been paying attention to crooks laughing it up with their taxpayer bailouts and whoopee golden parachutes and bonuses.
That frolic, while banks foreclose on families, and students come out of university to no job, and egregious student loan debt. They move back in with startled parents.
Let's talk FDIC, the US chimera of depositor safety. In saner, "good" times, it can take two years for that federal agency, of a now bankrupt government, to cough up restitution--when banks fail.
Feeling lucky?...

Meanwhile in the small world where people live apart from the world of perps...

"I've brought in seven dozen organic eggs." She's carrying an armload of gray cardboard egg cartons.

"Uh, we have some..." say I, that afternoon's volunteer at the Food Co-op.
"Mine are cheaper," she says.
"Oh?" I have a look--some small bantam, a green Araucana or two, browns and speckles. I quiz her about GMO feed and cluck-clucks' access to the great outdoors. We come to an equitable agreement, and she looks around the small shop space.
"How do you feel about barter?" she asks. "I could use some of that Cowboy Blend organic coffee and a sack of blue cornmeal, maybe some of that goat cheese?"
"Now we're talking!" I total up her goodies, and give her a little money from the till. She's happy; I'm happy. 

Free Range Chicken Eggs 

Welcome to the new economy, and not a moment too soon, as the plunder-scheme seems to be spreading, now to NZ and Canada. We've bought into the so-called surety of bank accounts & safety deposit boxes... caveat emptor.

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