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Detox "Gift" of Fukushima, 24. May Update

US Lies under That Mess

 Detox "Gift" of Fukushima

Riveting live graphic above, suddenly closed to the public, the  Xenon-133 flow over North America (was) a geek-ferreted Norsk Institute glimpse of the "truth we can't handle."

(Hm. As of July, 2012 check, I note that above graphic and any others  have been rendered inaccessible. Northern Hemisphere still being blasted, which may explain huge land acquisitions by moneyed interests in So. Hemisphere.)

Can any good come of Fukushima? You may be surprised.

Chernobyl-aftermath left nearby land too contaminated for crops and habitation, and left people with thyroid cancer or low thyroid function, "hypothyroid."

There was too little potassium iodide on hand to save thyroids. We may have learned something in the interim about healing nutrients like iodine-rich edible seaweeds, and about detox. 

(Hopefully we'll also, somehow, discover ways to heal land and sea.)

Please see "Radiation Remedies" for a backgrounder:
http://feastandfamine.blogspot.com/2011/03/radiation-remedies.html (I had thought to insert further info there, but the piece would begin to bulge out, like a Strasbourg goose or a stuffed turkey.)

Here's what we know how to do, now:

Poor thyroid function has seemingly become an industrial world norm, affecting health insidiously--poor energy and emotional stability, disturbed sleep and metabolic rate, cold hands and feet, depression, thinning hair & eyebrows, lowered life force/libido, plus immune-vulnerability to degenerative diseases including cancers. 

More meds being the paradigm of addressing the dismaying symptoms.

How could this happen? The thyroid needs iodine. Salt was iodized, right? 

Iodine has incestuous close cousins in the Periodic Table, which can displace iodine from doing its spark plug sort of work in the thyroid, and murk up biochemistry--Those cousins are chlorine, fluorine, bromine. 

Without necessarily assigning ill-motive, let's look at daily reality.


Water is heavily chlorinated, a public health good--not the only means of water purification, just the cheapest for now. Chlorine combines willy-nilly with other water contaminants and can gravitate to the thyroid. Filtering it out of drinking and shower water can be taste- and life-enhancing.


After Nazi scientists discovered the mind- and will-numbing "benefits" of fluoridating public water supplies of captive peoples, Nazis and their know-how were secretly imported to the US at the chaotic end of WW2. 

See, Fluoride Problem, Part 1:

Fluoride Solutions, Part 2:

Downeast Maine Conjecture:

Two acquaintances on the Maine Island where I lived developed thyroid cancer. Not a large population; I found this shocking. The terror of the diagnosis sent them straight into the arms of surgery, radiation and chemo.

I asked a county health nurse about the demographics of thyroid cancer, who said, "You don't know the half of it. There's a quiet pandemic of thyroid cancer in the area." 

Why, I ruminated, and chewed on that data-cud for awhile.

Here's a hypothesis, which will be up to wiser heads to sort out:

1) The coast of Maine has been notorious for "bad air days." Origin: New York City/Boston corridor and Ohio River Valley--industrial and perhaps nuclear smog. Nuclear power plants are known to occasionally vent radioactive iodine, without necessarily considering it the same public health concern, as might, the public.

2) Downeast Maine public water is generally heavily fluoridated. Are thyroids not at optimum health due to fluoride, and perhaps more vulnerable to thyroid dysfunction? The area's startling obesity alone would make one wonder.

Maine Fluoride Anecdote:

A fellow degree'd in Public Health on the island began giving community talks on disturbing health effects of fluoride. One of the towns was sufficiently alarmed as to hold a referendum--They voted down fluoridation of their public water supply!

Come to find out, a blocking maneuver had been set in place to delay/prevent removal of fluoride--the community decision could not be implemented for a year, "pending further review."


President Eisenhower, retired Army General, tried to warn us about the Military-Industrial-Complex in his parting address. Instead, seemingly infinite funding has waterfalled into creating US Imperium--land, sea and sky--sans oversight or Constitutional-restraint.

The apparently untouchable nuclear and armaments industries are obvious carbuncles on the body politic.

Less obvious: the Chemtrail Program, that murking of skies with pollutants, including ethylene dibromide, a bromine compound, plus heavy metals, blood cells, micro-organisms. Not your garden variety jet exhaust. See Chemtrails and health effects, updated 26. April, 2011:

The protocols we are instituting now to deal with Fukushima, also help detox the environmental outrages of Ike's Military-Industrial-Complex.

Cleansing out Toxins: 

So, we find ourselves with generally less than optimal thyroid function, in a populace growing indignant and pro-active re government/media lying--about Japan's Fukushima disaster and its global radioactive fallout. 

Surprising developments may follow.

Sufficient dietary iodine can help displace the thyroid contaminants of the industrial world, including uptake of radioactive-iodine. 

As more people begin eating protective edible seaweeds as iodine source, and perhaps taking Lugol's iodine, an unexpected, a beneficial consequence may be at work:

We could activate the potential for more vigorous life force and mental acuity---a globally-focused hope for a more earth-friendly future.

The proof is in the doing. 

An additional health-response to Fukushima fallout involves detox clay baths, with other health benefits in train. www.pascalite.com

You see, the body silts up, through living, through toxic exposures. It's ancient wisdom to help it heal through detox--the forgotten spring cleanses of grandmother-wisdom, and in healing waters.

Detox Baths, and Benefits beyond Fukushima: 

Am about to talk about the Three P's: poop, pee and perspiration. The body excretes toxins with vigor, given the protocols, and may not smell grand in the process. Be aware that you may poop and pee more, and maybe feel crummy for a bit. 

Drinking plenty of water helps; 2-4 liters, in fact. And by water, I mean, water. Coffee and tea don't cut it; they just dehydrate the body. 

Consider a few "normal" oddments which can be favorably affected by detox clay baths:

Aluminum Antiperspirants:

Ladies especially, please note. The body excretes toxins by sweating. Antiperspirants, however, prevent sweating altogether. Think, log-jam or plumbing blockage. 

Toxins (and aluminum) instead back up into breast tissue and lymph nodes of breast, arm pit, and arm, the very lymph nodes biopsied when breast lumps cause a scare. 

(Herbal deodorants are now available which do not block perspiration, and deal with the bacteria-buildup which is otherwise smelly.)

So, when doing a clay bath, submerge arms and as much of breasts or chest as possible.

Mercury Fillings & Dental Radiation:

While doing a detox clay bath, and shifting body parts, be sure to submerge jaws at some point, which may have been filled with mercury-amalgam, and have received doses of radiation since childhood. Tilting head back, also submerge head and forehead, with nose above water!

Partnered Clay Baths:

Don't. Clay has tremendous drawing power, and the initial baths of someone highly toxic can actually change the color of the clay to rust, brown, black. In a shared soak, marinade from the more toxic partner can make the healthier one whoozy and ill.


Men grown highly toxic from environmental exposures may climax burning semen. Just ask young wives and divorcee's of Gulf War Vets. Women have reported this relational shock when their partners return from war zones; they report burning and inflamed vaginal tissue and cervix.

Young women, out of love and sorrow for their PTSD'd partners, have endured the burning, and some have had to lose their fertility to complete hysterectomies as a result.  

US Vets have also been fathering babies with the same cyclopean birth defects as babies born where the US drops Depleted-Uranium bombs. Women in DU'd Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans first ask, "Is the baby healthy?" before asking, "Is it a girl or boy?

The Veterans Administration has apparently not prescribed detox protocols, like clay baths, none at all.

Clay Baths for Adverse Vaccine Reactions:

Mothers of suddenly-autistic toddlers, following vaccination, report gradual return of their children to cognitive and social skills following the protocol of cleansing clay baths.

Whole-House Water Filtration:

All life has its being nourished by water, which is increasingly polluted, rivers, ocean, and flowing into our homes. Corporate-dominated government apparently has locked into a different bottom line than those who weigh the effect of decisions "unto seven generations." 

As we come to grips with dead-end corporatist policy, our communities continue to ingest immune-weakening pollutants in drinking water: intentional fluoride and chemtrail fallout; careless radiation, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals. Let's first take care of our families with an effective water filter. See banner above article for a wholesome recommendation.


We may have lost our way for awhile. Fukushima fallout could be our nightmare wake-up call.

Implementing healing protocols in response to this disaster, could potentially heal us as individuals and families. Heal us to renewed competence in both local and global community.

kelp photo: http://marinebio.org/

Note to Readers:   
Yeoman Gardener has published a book 
Wayfaring Traveler, 
Whale Rider of the Tide
www.wayfaringtraveler.com and Amazon reviews


  1. Fascinating as always. Scary times for sure. Hope you are well and happy and safe.

  2. I have tried all types of alternative methods but tend to stay on the "natural" side. I like to experiment a diet together with porcine thyroid .

  3. For a good while, decades actually, porcine glandulars were all the rage with chiropractors, trying to deal with chronic fatigue, etc.

    Not all holistic practitioners have been enthusiastic, however. Swine carry cross-species viruses, as in swine flu, and can be a source of parasite transmission.

    Claudia, thanks for this input.

  4. Got to see the "breakthrough" at, www.abcliveit.com, and then, www.mylifevantage.com/walden, for the update. This product has ten peer reviewed studies at , www,pubmed.gov, for your review.


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