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Mind Control & Pedophilia, Update

Mind Control

5 March, 2017 
Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud, 
brags about marketing cigarettes to 
Roaring Twenties women as 
"Torches of Freedom"

Torches-031710 - YouTube

Ex-Nazi parents shadowed the life of classmates in the German high school I attended.

Refugee classmates from East Germany spoke Russian among themselves. Their parents had fled west at great risk to reach the "German Economic Miracle", having known only Kaiser, Hitler and Stalin.

The school system operating at that time rewarded rote learning: student questions were rebuffed as an unacceptable challenge to authority.

The past stalked the present.

But before we go there, let's time-travel a bit, a waltz to the European theater, 1944-45... 

Unbeknownst to the "Greatest Generation" fighting WWII, past infiltrated our future.

As the war ground down to its bitter end, US and Allied military and intelligence agents fanned across German-occupied territories in urgent pursuit of Nazi know-how.

They sought V-2 rockets, the torment of London; A-Bomb development status; chemical, biological, psychological weaponry prowess--And above all, they sought high level perps.

Our guys tracked down scientists, MD's, and military, many of them SS members, a jack-booted elite, the creepiest of Hitler's goons. 

The sight of their SS uniform insignia alone, its paired lightening slashes, struck terror in those they caught and tortured.

A rogue group of our military brass--or is that, a brassy group of our military rogues--launched a pre-emptive immigration tidal wave of upper-crust Nazis via top secret, "Project Paperclip." 

Pre-emptive? Yes, it being against the express directives of FDR and Truman to absolutely NOT bring home war criminals. 

A war was on; military sidestepped this small presidential impediment.

The US military brought home Nazis, rockets, and their devil's stew: tons of poison gas, and captured bio-warfare agents, to be "researched" stateside on human subjects in top secret military hideaways and V.A. hospitals. 

(See references at end of article, including the Nazi-fluoridated water connection.)

LSD emerged as an experimental drug used by the Nazis, which was pounced upon by military intelligence (..faint oxymoron laugh line..) 

Why? Just too useful a prospect, because LSD could cause hallucinations, panic attack, and suicide when clandestinely administered.  Hotdiggity.

The drug was given to unwitting soldier volunteers and V.A. patients by US physicians and psychiatrists, operating in an unbroken macabre lineage begun by Mengele, the infamous Auschwitz MD.

What could we expect of such malpractice? 

Our introduced whirlwind of Nazi ghouls helped create a shadow world of illusion, the ends justifying whatever means. Stalin loomed on the other side of the shadow. We "had no choice."

It's gone down something like this: We plant stink-weed, venus-fly-trap deep in the Dismal Swamp, while magically promising vineyards.

"By their fruits shall ye know them."

The Radical 60's:

I first became aware of LSD as paradigm-shift-event in a large university auditorium filled to capacity. I'd been drawn by announcements plastered all over town. 

A debate! the signs breathlessly enthused, between a pharmacologist and Timothy Leary, by then in guru-guise.

The pharmacologist spoke quietly about the clear and present dangers in casually ingesting psycho-active substances.  

"Consider", he warned, "in hope of quickie enlightenment, what if you end up with liver damage, psychosis and brain damage? Self-induced damage, for goodness sake. Isn't that too big a risk?"

The audience instead guffawed as Leary, the Peter Pan of academia, mimed yawns and rude gestures, winking and leering at the students. Leary!... a kindred adventurer, an escapee from Harvard, from suburban sameness, from an increasingly plastic world.

When the pharmacologist peetered out into silence, Leary smirked, including the audience in a we're in-this-together embrace. Next he climbed onto the table, to everyone's delight.

Dressed all in white, yoga pants and Indian shirt, he crossed his legs, lit a candle in front of him, and ordered all the lights extinguished. 

"No, I said, all of them."

All that could be seen: candle flame and Leary. All that could be heard was his opening Om and hypnotic tones toward expanded consciousness.

Project Paperclip and MK-Ultra:

Meanwhile military and CIA continued working with former Nazis, their damning records expunged, to facilitate Nazi know-how for America, and not the Soviet Union, giving us the superpower edge.

Nutsis stayed in on the action, subsumed into government, NASA, intelligence agencies, and the corporate world. 

The key, they hissed, to effective mind control is easy: Activate "suggestibility" in a shattering process of disintegration.

Our eagerness for Nazi torture techniques, honed in prisons and concentration camps, enabled us to implement trauma-based mind control

Trauma specifically focused to create a personality rupture, multiple personalities, compartmentalized from one another.

Torture-induced personality offshoots could be hypnotically-triggered by a CIA handler to perform robotically:

As assassin (Manchurian candidate), as espionage courier with photographic memory, as playtoy for depraved movers and shakers in politics, entertainment, sports, and yes, religion. 

For Reasons of National Security:

Project Paperclip morphed straight into MK-Ultra.

Its trauma-based behavior modification targeted the savaging of little children into dissociated but useful slavery.  

Children were betrayed by parents, teachers, clergy and left to CIA-sadists for sleep-, food- and water-deprivation, Sodom and Gomorrah ritual abuse, drugs and electroshock.

Congress launched an MK-Ultra investigation in 1977, which was shut down after seven months, for reasons of national security.

High level low-life-perps, named by victims in references below, still figure in the nightly news and beam for the press at meetings of the Council on Foreign Relations and at charitable photo-ops. 

They continue their proclivities nationally and internationally, never brought to justice, for reasons of national security.

The corruption oozes wide and deep, and in the world of 2017, the Trump administration has "pedo-gate" in the cross-hairs, with 1500 arrests made in his first weeks of office.

Some perps and participants retire to six-figure speaking engagements, corporate bonus-dom, cushy pensions; some even enjoy Secret Service protection and presidential libraries. 

Then and Now:

Interestingly, as I tracked down references to MK-Ultra cited in bibliographies, I kept hitting this block in red font: "Google intercepts this link." 

Internet censorship may be counter-productive, inspiring deeper digging; nor will censorship "disappear" the legacy of Project Paperclip and Mk-Ultra. 

We are living it.

We have allowed rogue government to perform an ongoing coup d'etat. We have let slip freedoms while being threatened with terror and enticed by proffered "safety."

As to safety and sleight-of-hand, let's do one more  time-travel peek, there and back again: 

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, the US began mobilizing out of the Great Depression into the industry of war. 

(As intended by FDR, whose spooks had broken the Japanese code and had fore-knowledge of the attack. They sacrificed men and ships to enrage isolationist America into patriotic fervor, enlistment and war bonds. True story.)

The Japanese admiral who oversaw the Pearl Harbor attack, and watched American response, warned his high command: "We have awakened a slumbering giant."

America, the slumbering giant, may now be obese, fluoridated and entranced by patented TV mind control frequencies (see ref's below.)

A good friend thinks so; he thinks America is beyond all hope. 

He is not feeling warm and cozy about any future vis-a-vis apparently successful corruption among banksters, "public servants", and the military-industrial complex.

His surrender to Realpolitik tells him we are checkmated into choosing among three brutalities, the US, Russian and Chinese. That's it; forget the magical thinking; "they" have won. 

That may be the end of the story. I wonder.

We have not heard the last from contrarians in America, nor kindred folk worldwide, masses of us dismayed at what the Statue of Liberty seems to have become. 

We are many, all races, continents. We pay attention; we network; we dig for unreported news. We build community and intend life-friendly futures. 

We doubt the sincerity of power promising to police itself. We doubt governments which invest in stun-gun-tasers and beam weaponry to control "civil unrest."

We hope for peace, change we can count on.

For a long while people fear tyranny, but then, they turn on it.


Project Paperclip:  
Secret Agenda, The US Gov't, Nazi Scientists, and Project Paperclip, 1945-1990 by Linda Hunt, St Martin's Press, 1991.

Victim Expose' Books: 

Thanks for the Memories, The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's Mind-controlled Slave, self-published by Brice Taylor, 1999.

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