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High Blood Pressure, Heavy Metals Link

Detox Solutions:
Heavy Metal Madness

Let's start with Mercury.

I had been ruminating a heavy metal detox article for some time after learning a friend and his wife had each been eating 25 (yes, twenty-five) lobsters a week, for months of lobster season. 

So? Symptoms of mercury poisoning muddled friendship and ended partnership considerations.

What symptoms?

Short term memory loss, one showing early symptoms of Alzheimer's, and the other taking meds for high blood pressure, and denial for rage episodes. 

Behavior included agitation, motor-mouth pounding repetition, not remembering having already said it umpteen times, interrupting every two minutes. Insomnia, depression, crushing headache, reclusiveness, pain.

Their mercury disaster was the final butt-kick for me regarding heavy metals as a Public Health issue.

Seafood has become mercury-problematical, including clam chowder, oysters Rockefeller, kippers and sardines. Oh, and dolphin steaks.

I watched "The Cove", 2010 Oscar-winner for best documentary. An expose'. Those involved in the film live a profound love affair with the sea and with cetaceans. The film exposes brutality to dolphins, and their mercury contamination.

It's nearly seismically disturbing as the film makes us privy to: 
  •  A "Flipper" retrospective of our stunning cluelessness at turning captured dolphins into performing clowns.
  • Covert dolphin-slaughter in a blood-filled Japanese cove. 
  • And then, other humans... The swimmer in the photo above who wears mermaid-tailed flippers to undulate among cetaceans in the wild blue sea.
  • An Aussie surfer who swoops the wave crests with pods of dolphins, reports that he was saved from shark attack by dolphin guardians.
  • In ancient Greece it was against all human law to harm a dolphin, for they were known to rescue the drowning.
 I had spent charmed spells of childhood watching the changing sea and frolicking around cetaceans, besotted with dolphins. 

The mercury connection exceeded my knowledge base.

"The Cove" website has a calculator--read and weep--for the amount of mercury ingested at my friends' level of bacchanalian seafood consumption: 

Say you're cracking open your 1.5-pound, or 2-pound lobster and sloshing morsels into lemon-butter. At ~24oz x 25/week, that's... 8286% of the EPA limit, weekly

(The site also calculates your tuna fish casserole, or lox and bagel.)

EPA limits are mentioned? Psst, there are no safe levels for heavy metals.

Do industrial effluent producers and BigPharma, that purveyor of mercury and aluminum-tainted vaccines, grease palms to ensure lax standards? One wonders.

Heavy metals can be devastatingly neuro-toxic.


Consider the annual tainted flu shots administered at nursing homes:

"We have found that clinically normal individuals aged 60-65 who receive influenza vaccine three or four times during a five-year period, will five years later have an incidence of Alzheimer's disease 10-fold greater than age-matched individuals who did not receive it."

The cause, according to Dr. Fudenburg, is the mercury and aluminum that's in every flu shot (and most childhood shots).

Meanwhile flu shots are touted as !FREE! at pharmacies and big box stores. A Canadian MD speaks out:

What about aluminum found in antacids, antiperspirants, baking powder, city water treatment systems, and your annual flu shot?... 

Perhaps the most bizarro source of aluminum comes as gov-gift from the skies. Geo-engineering jets spew smoggy metallics in some "national security" and worldwide app. Lab tests of soil and water reveal very high levels of aluminum from chemtrail fallout.

Found in the brain? Backed up in lymph nodes of breast tissue? Oh? Builds up? Bummer. 

(Stay tuned; Detox protocols dead ahead.)

Then we've got mercury amalgam fillings which the American Dental Association dare not admit to being a wee problem jammed up there against the brain... Lest it open a Pandora's box of litigation. 

Holistic physicians, however, routinely mandate that mercury fillings be removed from the teeth, to clear the way to better health.


What about the toxic-metal subtext of "Beneficial Fluoride?" Say it often enough and the words become linked in the mind, like a meme. (See the 2-part Fluoride expose' in the right sidebar of this blog, and know fluoride is in most all beverages, including bottled water, and processed food. A water filter becomes a no-brainer.)

 Agricultural Use of Lead & Arsenic:

One of the legacies of Chemical Agriculture is lead-arsenate, heavily applied to tobacco lands and old apple orchards, the darling of 1890 Ag till the introduction of DDT around WWII. 

Arsenic was also added to cosmetics and patent medicines of the day.

Huge profiteering by US and German chemical "giants." Lead and arsenic persist in soils.

So, Houston, we may have a problem.


Clay Baths:

Healing clay draws out toxins of all sorts through the skin. The clay is powerful, as little as a heaping tablespoon. The clay in the tub may actually change color, to brown, darker gray, greenish-black.

Autistic children, those thought to have been less able to detoxify mercury in vaccines, seem to respond well to clay baths. Mothers report exciting improvements in cognitive ability and social skills.

Pascalite clay is especially potent for detox baths. One of the lobster-eaters began doing a whole series of them with beneficial result:

Pascalite or bentonite paste can be used as an awesomely effective poultice. Some physicians recommend that it be taken internally to help bind up the heavy metals released and prevent re-uptake by the body. 

I used pascalite on my farm for livestock health!

For Detox Bath how-to, see:


A spring-water-grown superfood which helps flush out mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, etc. Since Fukushima, "Clean Chlorella" is a good choice, from:

Cilantro or Fresh Coriander Leaf:

Also amazingly effective in removing mercury, etc. Add to salads, soups. Make cilantro pesto!

Sea Veggies, i.e., Kelp, Dulse, Wakame, Kombu, Sea Lettuce:

The iodine in sea veggies helps protect the thyroid gland from goiter, that bullfrog swelling of the throat, and also protects the thyroid from uptake of radioactive-iodine, released by nuclear power plants and in nuclear disasters. 

It also helps to displace fluoride, a useful side-bene.

Pacific Ocean sea veggies are subject to ongoing Fukushima rad-contamination. Maine Coast Sea Veggies test their harvests and may be a wiser choice here on planet earth:


The super-nutrient probiotic from Eastern Europe and Asia, made from tea. See the article describing its how-to and use:

Oil Pull Therapy, 
29. Mar. 2014 Update:  

A colleague has suggested adding this ancient Ayurvedic technique. It involves swishing a 1-2 tsp of organic coconut oil through the mouth and between the teeth to draw out toxins. For 20 minutes, then spitting it out.

(After 20 minutes swishing do not spit in the sink; it can clog especially septic systems. The stuff turns white and viscous. Spit then brush teeth with non-fluoride powder or toothpaste.)

Interestingly, a holistic dentist here in the Rockies recommends it to patients for gum health (saving teeth.) Gum health is also heart-protective.

Other possible benefits of oil pulling for overall health include the following list, and these are modest results. There are more glowing reports. The proof is in the doing.

Migraine headache relief
Correcting hormone imbalances
Reducing inflammation of arthritis
May help with gastroenteritis
Aids in the reduction of eczema
May reduce symptoms of bronchitis
Helps support normal kidney function
May help reduce sinus congestion
Some people report improved vision
Helps reduce insomnia
Reduced hangover after alcohol  

 • Aids in reducing pain
Reduces the symptoms of allergies
Helps detoxify the body of harmful metals and organisms

A Naturopath (ND) has a book out on the oil pulling technique and detox benefits in relieving chronic health conditions:

For those of you on facebook, there's a free e-book on oil pulling, which I've not read:


There are blood work lab tests available for heavy metal toxicity, also hair analysis. Holistic physicians often request them when patient health and vitality are poor. The holistic shtick includes clearing out toxins, as first step in wellness, so the bod can then absorb nutrients needed to feel vital and fit again.

Just as a thought exercise, how many cases of unrecognized heavy-metal-malaise are being treated with blood pressure meds, tranquilizers, anti-depressants? 

How many road-rage cases have breathed too much auto exhaust on freeway commutes, and are actually miserable with heavy metal body burden?

In "The Cove" flick, one of the Japanese officials who attempted to market the local dolphin industry as benign--including the selling of mercury-laden dolphin meat--had hair analysis done on himself. 

At the time, dolphin meat was compulsory eating for school children near the area of the dolphin-capture-and-butchery site. 

The fishery bureaucrat's mercury levels turned out to be quite high.

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  1. Man kind is within it's nature, evil. No doubt on it, and no one can refuse it. It is a shame how we have managed to destroy everything as we move "forward" dolphins are just on little arm of the mess we are making, and still we believe we are doing our best to protect this Earth...

  2. Aside from eating healthy foods, one way to detoxify your body is a sauna bath. The process help you sweat out all the toxins in your body including mercury of course. The good thing about sauna is you can have it in your household. An interesting offer was given to me one day by an infrared sauna dealer. The dealer opened up my mind on other health benefits that my whole family could get from the cabin. I never taught that a simple cabin could ease body pain, hypertension and skin allergies.


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