Saturday, March 12, 2016

Free Speech, 10 May Update


Not to worry. Speak freely in support of empire and you'll have your reward, on earth. 

Turn whistle-blower? Best stay out of small planes. Consider facial reconstruction.

Update 10 May, 2016:
Latest warning, apparent last words: 
ICE Agent Commits Suicide in NYC; Leaves Note Revealing Gov't Plans to Round-up & DISARM Americans During Economic & Bank Collapse

If corporations are now defined as people, their coffers kissed with open control of elections, what does that make of us chicks, of actual people? 

Peons?... who still believe their votes count?... When Diebold e-voting programs control the final tally? 

And vested interests can annoint greedster-puppets as candidates?

Just a moment ago in angst-central, free speech was confronted by a large secretive gathering of international private jets. Goal: Stop Trump

Also, tech CEO's, corporate members of the 1% gravy train, met privately to consider options. Goal: Stop Trump.

Then like magic a thousand, perhaps paid, protesters do stop a Trump speech in Chicago.

In the context of Rep. Ron Paul's earlier trashing by media and his own Grand Old Party, it might be worth taking note. 

Entrenched power aggression was apparently successful, despite huge and young groundswell of folks who could get on board with Ron Paul's "End the Fed." 

Millennials, shortchanged on American History by gov-mandated school curriculum, began reading the Constitution and, heaven forfend, The Bill of Rights.

Meanwhile current social media, a rigorous controller of any commentary about the blue-starred nation, refuses to remove a Murder-Trump contribution to free speech.

What's going on?

The government was been stockpiling dum-dum (hollow-point) bullets in the billions, with a B.

Really? Why? Against "terrorists?" 

Anyone who questions government intentions and action has entered a new arena: Domestic Terrorists-R-us. 

Bring on the lions.

Smugness may be going out of vogue amongst banksters, Wall Street shysters, lobbyists, (and all of us on the take from bankrupt government.) Somebodies seem scared.

Cornered rats bare teeth. Cornered powermongers crush dissent; Stalin revisited.

Crowds may be an iffy meeting point, with the USgov history of introducing provocateurs, as in the impassioned and assasinated '60's.

Outside of the 2016 (s)election theatre, what about life in the day-to-day? 

Militarized cops enrich themselves and their departments with asset confiscation. Hm. 

The BLM torches ranchland, shoots or starves cattle, shoots ranchers; confiscates uranium-rich land. Hm.

On a way smaller scale, those with opinions about any of this have their websites hacked or their computers fried.

Years ago when I first read cyber-tales-of-woe about hack attacks, it smelled a little rankly of grandiosity. I wondered... surely goobermint had better things to do, for the commonweal?

In a learn-by-doing, I then watched my own laptop fry, for a cool one thou in poy-sonal expense.

What mis-step had I taken?

It was in the first year of the Iraq "weapons of mass destruction", oil-theft assault.

A cyber-whistle-blower had apparently emerged with a stunner of a claim. It came out of the Veteran's Affairs zone.

To wit: the whistleblower alleged that the true number of deaths in the war was being covered up. 

Only those blown to bits on the ground were counted. Those dying in med-evac or in hospital were not counted. Nor were illegal aliens hoping for automatic citizenship by serving in the war.

The number of ACTUAL fatalities allegedly exceeded the number of deaths in the Viet Nam war. Not a sound PR item for continuing coflict.

I had bookmarked the site, and went off to report this shocking bit of info to friends who doubted the veracity of politicians waving the flag and us into resource war.

Print it out!! they cried.

So, I trotted back home and discovered that all traces of the allegation had been disappeared from the Net. This tweaked my free speech attitude problem.

I tried to open my book mark, and reached, FORBIDDEN, access denied.

I restarted my laptop twice. Then, stupefied, I got to watch the thing crash. 

When I took it to the local geek, he said the hard drive guts were utterly fried. I'd have to invest in a new laptop, aka, an expensive learning curve.

Update. 23 April, 2016:  
73,846 US Iraq War Soldiers Dead How they manipulated the numbers to fool you.

Lately, I've had up close and personal annoyance with malware attacks. And I represent small fry! 

How do we live this transition, hopefully to sanity? By collaborating? By lying low?

Speak now, or forever hold your peace... in this odd fascistic marriage, which may be unravelling.

May you live in interesting times...
Writer writes:


  1. Brave and honest lady, may your station remain problem free, and their assaults be as fruitless as their intentions.

  2. When a government forsakes due process, courts, privacy, and law... employs willful killing of its own citizens, no arrest - no trial... subverts the voice of its people... is it a legitimate representative government?

  3. Kevin, thank you for affirming words. Much appreciated. Those who speak up may trudge long stretches solo/sola.

    Divide and conquer being of course a powah-monger theme.

    Anon, just a quietly brilliant summation-question outside the mind control matrix. Thank you.

    And all evidence to the contrary, I remain hopeful! Old farts are turning whistle-blower; many young folks amaze me.


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