Monday, February 10, 2014

Worldwide Weather Modification


I have written here at f&f about "chemtrails" and some healthy steps to take. Updated this month, see: 

The pop-term, chemtrails, can lead down a rabbit hole of flashing dis-info, into the meme of conspiracy theory. Paranoia. Lunatic Fringe. 

Just contrails, you idiots. Trust the Weather Channel, NASA and the EPA.

Kudos to and Dane Wigington. The terms, Climate Engineering and Geo-Engineering, are more likely to lead to data, into the control-freak world of global dominance through "owning the weather."

Owning the skies from above with jet-aerosol-ed toxins...

Aluminum, barium and strontium, oh my...

And jiggered around from the ground by monstrous arrays of transmitters which can direct Jet Stream, drought, and storm.

It appears that we are experiencing no natural weather at this precarious moment in global-governmental hubris. 

Why would humans, even psychopaths, commit such global harm?

Power of demonic magnitude, gargantuan wealth of resource wars, crushing of dissent? The never-enough of black hole machinations?

That said, the info-rich flick which follows, ends on an upbeat note!

In the video, data-scrutiny sense is made of contortions in Jet Stream and ocean currents, sudden fish/bird/bee deaths, rise in autism/dementia/asthma, radical drought and killer storms...

And also, scientists paid or threatened into corruption, on camera and in journals. 

Don't look up, or believe your lying eyes.

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