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Public Health Concerns, Update 14 Sept., 2014

Public Health 
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Update 14 Sept., 2014
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"We're from the government; 
we're here to help you."
WHO (world health organization) is concerned that Ebola, a hemorrhagic fever, cannot be contained within West Africa, given international travel.
Citizens may be concerned about the sanity of leaders.

UPDATE, 14. Sept, 2014: 
The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, has launched free public service audios re Ebola's origin; govt plans for draconian military-enforced quarantine with an order of 160,000 HazMat suits for themselves; also family/community immune-boosting and preparedness info:
Both the US and Germany are transporting Ebola-infected patients from W. Africa to hospitals in-country, which may or may not have Level IV containment facilities.

It is now recognized that Ebola is spread by both body fluids and in the air.

The US has the added astonishment of a Commander in Chief who has ordered Border Patrol Agents to stand down, and instead to process illegals known to be diseased. Illegals from anywhere, apparently even W. Africa.

At Ellis Island in NYC, the old immigration nexus, legal immigrants were screened for diseases; some were sent back.

The diseased at the sieve-borders are infecting agents and being transported by bus and plane, free, to cities all over the US. They are given free cell phones and free credit cards for food purchase, drivers licenses and have been enticed northward with the promise of amnesty.
The media has greased the op with human interest stories of poor brown children, disadvantaged and seeking asylum. Media does not photograph the heavily-tattooed late teen gang members, nor report their involvement in US rapes and murders. Why?

Meanwhile US Veterans are denied benefits and care; many are homeless. Mayors are throwing homeless out of urban niceties and into rural tent cities. The homeless are being rounded up and sent to detention centers.
Social services for US citizens are at risk in the unraveling Ponzi-scheme economy. Why are the diseased and known criminal class given preferential admittance?

Has Govt Prepared for Pandemic?

  • Twenty quarantine centers.
  • Detention centers, aka FEMA camps.
  • Stockpiling body bags/coffin liners, millions.
  • Hollow point bullets, billions.
  • Crowd-control weaponry.
  • Militarizing urban police forces.
  • Sending Police Chiefs for training by IDF.
  • Patriotic Act & E.O.'s for Martial Law
Update: 8. Aug., 2014

Note CDC Quarantine Stations;
Note destinations of illegals:

Community & Family Concerns?

Ebola and other pandemic agents are highly infectious with high mortality rates. Fever and severe diarrhea cause dehydration, which can be fatal. In hospital, IV electrolytes are administered.

In China, an entire city was under quarantine in July due to bubonic plague of medieval infamy. If pandemic threatens in the US, aided and abetted by laxity/insanity, there may be restrictions on travel, on access to groceries, ATM's, water, and not to put too fine a point on it, toilet paper.

In the third world, there is not that luxury of bathroom hygiene. Westerners on cruise ships and staying at beachfront resorts may not be aware of this.

The left hand is regarded as unclean because it and water are used in lieu of unaffordable toilet paper. Consider the transmission opportunities.

Many preparedness experts on line are making sensible suggestions for food and water in case of quarantine.

An EMT (emergency medical technician), firefighter and HazMat (hazardous materials) specialist has given rather terse guidelines to follow, in the event of the no-longer-unthinkable:

Beyond the scope of this rumination, questions are being raised about Ft. Detrick bioweapons research in the area of the Ebola outbreak, and CDC (centers for disease control) positioning for a patentable solution.

Twenty-five facts worth knowing;

As always, when possibly not-sane leaders are involved, the foundation question niggles: Cui bono?

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