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Chemtrails, Update: 7 May 2017

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Chemtrails?... shmemtrails. Cut the paranoia about...

"Persistent contrails."  It's just "vapor trails" filling the sky. And we need them anyway, to protect us from global warming, right?

Up in northern New England, using high-powered  binoculars. I watched the-whatever being emitted from the tail section of unmarked white planes. Not from the forward jet engines at all. Some observers have noted spray-emitters tucked under wing flaps along the whole wingspan.
23 Jan 2015...
20 March 2017
info going viral
Finally, a Pilot Whistle Blower:

Have been watching the weird sky-blurring for fifteen years or so. It helps to be an early riser, waking to the last stars and walking to meet first light.

While citizens sleep, jock-jets, often partnered in fours, begin doing parallel spew, laying down X's and crosses, improbable swirls. Chemtrails even span broad daylight, but who's looking; it's just contrails, right?
Heck of a curious flight pattern, usually preceding expected rain, and often nowhere near busy airports. Air on earth begins to smell chokingly-foul. 

The "trails" smog once-luminous sky, sometimes causing oily sun halos and oil-scum on puddles. After one particularly gross chemtrail-rain, coastal puddles lay an oily dark red--on the organic farm of friends.

In well-watered New England, heavy spewing in advance of weather front brought deluge, field crop wash-out and two summers ago, Irish potato blight. 

Now watching the phenom in arid Rocky Mountains, spew-planes materialize as weather-harbingers, in advance of hoped-for rain and snow--Spew occludes a once-brilliant sky, and the weather front fizzles out--in another form of crop failure, called drought.

Co-inky-dink of long observation, as the US government and military have openly boasted about "Owning the Weather." 

Anything else on that agenda?

Unusual contents of chemtrail fallout have been reported from lab analysis--soaring levels of aluminum, barium, strontium, heavy metals, ethylene dibromide, as well as blood cells, micro-organisms, mycoplasma... 

Jet exhaust?

USAF Whistle Blower:


Hospital Emergency Room admissions--for severe respiratory distress, asthma attack, pneumonia, flu-like symptoms--often spike up that night, and over the next day or two. Children and the elderly being particularly affected.

"Chemtrail cough" may persist for months thereafter, a dry hacking non-productive cough which interrupts sleep of self and the whole household. People complain of "allergies."

One winter of particularly heavy chemtrail spraying in New England, the cough pandemic was treated as pertussis, whooping cough. Many prescriptions for antibiotics. 

Note to gardeners and hikers: Staying outdoors all day under heavy chemtrail spraying can trigger a more severe immune reaction. Outdoorsy holidays, like America's Fourth of July celebration, often feature arrival of unmarked chemtrail planes overhead.

Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia cases appear to have increased since the spraying operation began. Those made ill report mental fog and short term memory embarrassments. 

As an aside, aluminum functions as a savage neurotoxin, and is found in shriveled Alzheimer's brains on autopsy. 

Aluminum is also implicated in the etiology of Parkinson's.

It will be up to whistle blowers to come forward with the why of it, the justification for spraying civilians, farms and watersheds all over the world.

Rep Kucinich tried to stop the chemtrail operation in Oct. 2001, but the bill was gutted, tabled and disappeared. Chemtrails were described in the bill as an "exotic weapons system." 

Dec. 2011 Update:  

A just-the-facts-ma'am Chemtrail, "Geo-engineering" documentary has been produced, "What in the World Are They Spraying?"--by Michael Murphy and G. Edward Griffin (who wrote Creature from Jekyll Island.)

The film ends with a request to freely copy the DVD--let people know what the US, Canada and NATO countries are spraying above civilian populations. A friend lent me a copy, which had been handed out at the local "Occupy" protest against corporate and government abuses.

I put off watching it, as I had seen earlier chemtrail videos which just leave the viewer feeling desperate and impotent--a possibly desirable condition from the standpoint of control freak government.

I was startled at the quiet, dogged passion of this film. G. Edward Griffin in particular kept "What in the World Are They Spraying?" focused on:

1) Lab analysis by courageous scientists and physicians. 

2) Toxic fallout of aluminum, barium and strontium on agricultural lands, forests and watersheds.

3) Worldwide concern for the health of future generations.

April 2013 Update:


1) Dr. William G. von Peters, OMD, NMD, PhD, has formulated a homeopathic detox-remedy, "Chembuster." His Preventative Medicine clinic is located in the US, Tennessee. He travels annually as visiting professor to teach Alternative Healing at medical schools abroad. Tel: 423-265-5838

2) Useful resource; free download of "What in the World Are They Spraying?"      

3) Given that folks seem to be having a toxic reaction to the spew's fallout, both immediate and chronic, consider Chlorella, a fresh water alga. Best post-Fukushima source: "Clean Chlorella" from  Chlorella is recommended in the protocol to recover from heavy metal exposure, including the removal of mercury-amalgam fillings.

4) Chemtrail-cough of many months' duration has been resolved using a garlic elixir, easily made at home. For recipe, see:  

5) The probiotic, Kombucha, seems to build immune strength and vitality, while also flushing out toxic body burden from chemtrails and daily living. In Europe, Kombucha can even be found in pharmacies, as MD's prescribe it in the event of catastrophic or chronic disease states. 

Making Kombucha at home is not as easy a recipe as garlic elixir. For convenience, you can find bottles of it in the cooler-section of health food stores.

If you're up for a kitchen adventure in good health, here's the Kombucha-how-to; scroll down: 

6) Croft Cloudbuster: A more user-friendly derivation of Wilhelm Reich, MD's research, people are building these interesting widgets in their backyards in a grass roots movement, local, community and global. Reich wanted to break drought (good idea.) 

Croft, a garage type inventor and genius dude, began futzing with the design and found that a cloudbuster seems to enhance garden health, and break up smog, chemtrail or otherwise, returning that cloudbuster-blest area to blue skies and cumulus clouds.   

Image below is from apartment balcony in Belgium. CB's can be set in a forest, a lawn, a labyrinth, a farm, or among the petunias!
Not hard to construct, and not expensive, they seem to work most effectively when an area is gridded with several. There's something of a David and Goliath story here--couple hundred dollars on the ground vs. billions spewing in the sky. Croft gave the how-to-make specs away free on line:  

For worldwide anecdotal reports, see Part 2, Grassroots Derring-Do at "Babel of Towers: 

7) For further details on chemtrail contents and detox protocols, see: 

8) Chem-crud in drinking water: All life has its being nourished by water, which is increasingly polluted, rivers, ocean, and flowing into our homes. Corporate-dominated government apparently has locked into a different bottom line than those who weigh the effect of decisions "unto seven generations."

As we come to grips with dead-end corporatist policy, our communities continue to ingest immune-weakening pollutants in drinking water: intentional fluoride and chemtrail fallout; careless radiation, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals. Let's first take care of our families with an effective water filter.


Who flies and maintains unmarked chemtrail jets? Surely there are fine men and women among them. How on earth can they fly above civilian populations with high tech navigation, and no moral compass? 

Are they induced to poison air, farmland, forests and rivers, where their own families live, for "national security." With the added threat of Court Martial for questioning orders? 

Or do mercenaries of Blackwater ilk sit at the controls, drawn by big bucks and macabre power? Are they provided with drugs from the military's arsenal, to enhance performance and focus on the task at hand? 

America is busy waging resource wars, rewarding Wall Street, and bankrupting itself. At some point, even black ops may run out of funding.

For now, chemtrails continue as a "known unknown." The Military-Industrial-Complex--which Ike warned us about in his presidential farewell address--seems to be enjoying carte blanche to foul the aerial-Commons. 

Who can change the US trajectory of mayhem and corporate profiteering?

Congress? (insert laugh line.) 

Oath Keepers? We can hope.

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  1. Dimethyl sulfoxide, in the form of microdroplets, has been used in a US patent to generate clouds. Dimethyl sulfoxide is a organic toxin, and is eliminated in urine. A simple thing to do to change a common airplane to a cloud seeder would be to spray the content of their toilet's container. However gross that sounds, it could be that simple.
    The crow

  2. As a postscript to this Dec. 2011 update:

    The local organic farm here in the Rocky Mts. is all but carpet-bombed with chemtrails. It's a CSA (community-supported agriculture) and also supplies a health food store and restaurants. The farmer is a friend, a good businessman, and has difficulties on heavy spray days, which was a motivator on my doing an update to the chemtrail article.

    He reports headaches, short term memory problems, dizziness when he's working in the fields on foul-air days.

    I might have overlooked his acreage apparently being targeted, as obnoxious but anomalous. But, I had watched and experienced the same phenom when I did sweat equity on a friend's organic mini-farm in New England. The chemtrail planes seemed to do a flight pattern over the local organic farms.

    In both the Rockies and the New England experience, the farms are way the heck out in the boonies. Not part of an airport's flight pattern.

    The planes are unmarked in any case. Odd.

  3. I think that the chemtrail plan is to fight global warming (which is reaching critical level in the arctic and starting to unleash the first catastrophies) by increasing the albedo of high altitude atmosphere and reducing in this way the solar radiation reaching the ground.
    It is the wrong approach unfortunately. Not only they poison the ground below, but also they reduce the effectiveness of plants and oceans to reclaim CO2. A short relief is to be followed by more CO2 growth and more, faster, climate change.
    Like in finance, TBP address the effects of the problem without addressing the causes in any way.

  4. people tell me they don't believe in chemtrails...i promptly correct them and say i don't but they must because they belive that ct's won't harm person even suggested to me that they might be spraying us with vitamin c to help us...right...anyways...never let your guard down...never luck and the forces of good must prevail

    1. That's so crazy! Don't we wish it was vitamin C !They have tested it it NOT vitamin C , as i know you are aware . Obviously that person has done zero research on the matter! Too many people with there head in the sand. You just want to shout fom the roof tops WAKE up people!!!!!!

  5. even if we're told the true reasons and what/why they are spraying--there's no guarantee it WILL be the truth-we may never know!

  6. On a flight to LA, I did witness once an unmarked plane flying beneath our flight spraying something out. Our flight pattern was the same for roughly 30-40 minutes and the spraying was continuous. This was during the day time.

  7. Anon, thank you very much for your observing eye. For many people it is very difficult to believe that govt mal-investment might include uncaring harm. We so would prefer that govt were protective of the commons and our peoples.

    It's almost on the order of magnitude of acknowledging abuse within a family system. Most of us just go unconscious and grab the remote. That may be changing.

  8. Better late than never, I hope.

    First of all, global warming and polar ice depletion is a proven LIE, and even if it wasn't, mankind would benefit from a warmer world, as it did during the medieval warm period something like a thousand years ago.

    Secondly, it's NOT only the military spraying chemtrails. Commercial flights are doing it too. I live near London's Gatwick airport, and on bad days, EVERY flight out of Gatwick is spraying almost from the moment it leaves the ground.

    True contrails (vapour trails) can only form under certain conditions at high altitude, and they last a few seconds. Chemtrails are sprayed at any altitude, and they last for hours, merging to form the familiar chemtrail whiteout. A few years ago they resulted in a characteristic blood-red sunset every evening, whatever the weather, but it seems the mix has changed since then.

    My belief is that chemtrails are just another part of the general depopulation agenda, as stated on the Georgia Guidestones (I'm surprised that obscenity hasn't been dynamited yet).

    Poisoned food, poisoned water, poisoned air, poisoned medicine and mind-poisons (brainwashing) via films and tel-aviv-zion (tv).

    They want us dead. No sane person would want to destroy an entire world, but the Rothschilds and their talmudic accomplices are clearly NOT sane. Has anyone tried to READ that filth (the talmud)? It's pure lunacy and hatred for all life, and for everything that's good (or "of God" if you prefer).

    I've had chemtrail-related symptoms for a few years now, but on April 14th this year (2014) I thought I'd caught a cold. I hadn't. It was the start of a different kind of chemtrail attack, one that causes a persistent choking cough that keeps the victim (and neighbours) awake at night and floods the lungs with a sticky mucus that's difficult to shift. At times I feel as if I'm drowning.

    The cough, sometimes coupled with bouts of sneezing, is often so bad as to cause vomiting. A sneeze can trigger the cough, or a cough can trigger the sneezing, and it attacks without warning. I'll be doing something, and in the next instant I'm choking or sneezing uncontrollably.

    I'm continually meeting, and hearing about, people suffering the exact same symptoms. Even radio presenters are getting it.

    Here are my own experiences of chemtrail poisoning, or as many as I can think to mention.

    I'm only in my mid 60s, but I often feel as if my head is floating independently of my body. My sense of balance is gone. I'd fall over if I didn't have something to hold on to. My short-term memory is practically non-existent. If I don't write something down immediately, it's gone. In the past I'd walk up to ten miles in a typical day and think nothing of it. I enjoyed walking. Now I can only manage a few yards. I do five minutes' housework and have to rest for at least fifteen minutes. I can't focus my mind on anything. I'll start a project (when I'm able to think straight), and then "can't be bothered" to continue with it. It's too much trouble. I'm weak. My muscles ache. I pull myself upstairs, using my arms, then have to rest before I can find the energy to get ready for bed. I've also got a constant loud whistling just behind my head (cell towers?).

    As I sit typing this, I'm continually trying to clear my lungs, but I'm fighting a losing battle. I don't know whether I'm going to survive this.

    I'm not asking for sympathy. I'd HATE that. I just want to get the information out in case somebody can benefit from it in some way, or perhaps it can be used as a "witness statement" when WE, THE PEOPLE put these insane criminals on trial for crimes against humanity.

    As a further example of how debilitating the effects of chemtrails are, it will have taken me, an experienced typist, an hour or two to type this comment.

  9. Barney, I deeply appreciate your detailed report and the focused effort it has taken to make it.

    Agreed, commercial flights are also involved in this global pathology.

    Have you considered ordering the homeopathic remedy, Chembuster, mentioned in the article? I have watched it in action relieving protracted, choking chemtrail cough.The recipe for Thieves Vinegar has also proved to be useful.

    Given the severity of your symptoms, a series of detox baths might be a very good idea.

    This doesn't stop the overhead outrage but could help you remain with us, articulate and courageous. Thank you.

  10. I miss flying. The private pilot's license is a proud accomplishment and I love aviation.
    Yet, there's no point respecting or trying to understand psychopaths and that's who could dream up mass poisoning from above while threatening those carrying out the mission with death for disclosure as well.

    Amazing, no?

    As a pilot, I tried talking with pilots for years about what they saw on daily flights. The response? If I didn't know they were lying, I would never have flown with such idiots: "I don't know what you're talking about."


    As a pilot and state employee, I contacted the local FAA admin. to ask what was being allowed in the sky. That conversation could have been lifted from the 3 Stooges. He threatened to have me locked up for calling.

    When things get squishy, I'm of a collision with politics. (i.e. insanity)

    Today's news said 900 pedophiles were arrested. That's the mentality of a chem-trail creator, so maybe the swamp does have a leak. I'm not sure our children or we have time for a slow drain.

    I believe someone reading this can speak the right words to the right person at the right moment. And if not, the great thinkers and writers like Wayfarer, can keep telling the truth.

  11. Oh 'mous, bless you for your professional input, which constitutes an act of courage.

    A very strange era of, thus far, unchecked pathologies... whistle blowers labeled insane, fired, or God help us, offed... Worthy of Stalin, Pol Pot or Mao.

    I still have friends, whom I love and deeply respect, who will NOT entertain chemtrail spraying as real or toxic.

    We are propagandized to "not believe our lying eyes."

    Thanks to all for substantive conversation.

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