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War on Drugs & Drugging the Military, Update

 In Afghan Fields the Poppies Grow*

Profiteering from the so-called War on Drugs remains protected by perps in high orifice. The above photo is not, tra la, of the flowers in May, but of troops safeguarding black ops: the opium trade of Afghanistan. 

And the profitable flow of heroin, with its savage debasement of humankind.

Not generally mentioned by mudia, that's media: the Taliban had destroyed the opium poppy fields, encouraging the planting of other crops. 

A not-done in the Realpolitik of resource profiteering, and a cause for invasion. By any other name.

First order of business on "liberating" Afghanistan, the land known as the "Graveyard of Empires?"

Special Forces released Afghan drug warlords imprisoned by the Taliban. 

The fields were replanted to opium poppies. Black ops and gov perps were assured of ongoing illicit lucre. 

A gov-side-business garnered since Vietnam, and especially egregious since in-yo-face power grabs of the 911 era.

Historically, the "China Trade" funded Harvard's original endowment.

Powerful New England families invested in fast sailing Yankee Clipper Ships which traded opium of the Indies for China's silks, tea and porcelain. 
 photo: wikipedia

Great wealth accrued. Ship captains built Downeast coastal mansions, topped with widows' walks looking out to sea. 

Centuries later, China has not forgotten the corrupting opium dens and addiction of its people.


Monstah farm tractors have rumbled across huge swaths of earth for decades now, petroleum-based fertilizers disked in and ever-punier soil drenched with Ag-poisons to force bushels/acre. 

Corporate land-rape.

Soils have lost mineral and trace mineral content. So?

So, magnesium, as an example, is nature's calmative, good for both heart and nervous system, a foundation mineral for sense of well-being.

As soils have become mineral-deficient, prescriptions have increased to treat angst and despair: 

Anti-depressants, anti-psychotics and tranquilizers, SSRI's.

These meds enrich the pharmaceutical industry, also known as, the chemical industry. The very industry which manufactures petro-fertilizers and Ag-poisons.

If that seems circular, welcome to health down the rabbit hole.

April Update
Drugging the Military:

Watch and weep. The video traces the origins of psychiatry, from overseers of sanitarium lock-wards to power over controlled populations of soldiers in WWI, through all ensuing wars.

Here's the kicker: many of those meds to calm the savage beast, including PTSD'd Veterans of the sandbox resource wars, are based on.... Fluoride.

 Dees 'toon
Prescribed for already out-of-balance toxic conditions, the meds seem to set a chaotic biochemical stage for suicidal and violent eruptions.

The V.A. or Veterans Administration pressures the war-injured into taking SSRI's.

Suicides of Veterans, of the resource and drone wars, exceed deaths in combat.

While media flogs the mass murder terror-meme on the nightly news, what's not mentioned? Most of the shooters or patsies, were taking prescribed SSRI's for their depression or psychotic imbalances. 

Meds which can flip the unhappy over a cliff, into the deranged.

How do we find our way back from the (lucrative) War on Drugs and poison-Ag geek show? 

A new government study? Oversight by regulatory agencies which are lobbyist-funded to look away?

We're talking the stuff of communities and families and for you history buffs, The Iroquois Confederation, which in 18th century Colonial America informed the thinking of the Founding Fathers ... unto the generations.

The Great Law of the Iroquois: to weigh carefully all decisions, considering their community effect on children for the next seven generations.

I once watched a young mother, toddler in the shopping cart seat and new-born in a snuggly. She was putting good food, make-from-scratch organic food, in her cart. 

(Her not buying processed stuff actually saved a bundle.)

She was about the business of creating societal change, in her small family world and in her choices. Here's what she said:

"We pay now, or we pay later. With poor health."


*For a photo sequence of US troops in the Afghan poppy fields, see Mike Rivero's daily altnews reportage. He is among the first to re-imagine, In Flanders Fields the poppies grow... a Memorial Day tribute to the fallen of WWI... written in 1915 by a Canadian physician.

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