Monday, November 21, 2016

Expats & Neighbors
in a 
Fourth Turning

A generational time of crisis would be a "Fourth Turning."

Psssst, X-marks the spot; we are there. Smug corruption no longer a win-win as modus operandi.   
Enter, eventually we hope, a renaissance return to being good neighbors, to Public Service and good customer-service.

And until then, what?!

An expat friend lives amongst tropical fruit bounty where surf is crashing and his child and dog frolic in the liminal magic of the sea.

He left the big time for small time joys, and is generally considered crazy by family and former colleagues.

If we have a JIT-fail (just-in-time delivery), it will pass him by. And just who is crazy?!

Living beyond the pale (of the status quo) feels risky, eh?... How might that play out? 

Taking a road less-travelled can make for isolation, and initial contempt perhaps from fast-track friends and family.

And what else?... A possible strong internal structure of relationship with like minds/kindred hearts, with nature. 

And antennae quivering for actionable, and grounded change.

It may not include 401k's, pensions, or emphasis on things as expression of well-being. Though it might.

Are we talking then, a recipe for impoverishment? 

Or just a compensatory illusion of the good life, pulling away from advert must-have's and mindkontroll? 

And cutting closer to the bone, is it certifiable to stand aside, with a theoretical policestate-bullseye on one's forehead?!

There are data to support all of the above.

Something of an odd feeling, watching societal uproars just now, of histrionic (and funded) mobs moving like flocks of birds, or of course, lemmings.

If the status quo ticket to achievement turns void, sycophants-were-us, what then? 

Life may become more local and basic-needs-oriented, be it megalopolis or back of the beyond.

It's happening quietly all around us, as local-global. Small folks, setting big boundaries: 

Monstrosanto- and oil-company-savaged lands have humans, water, animals and plants living on them. 

Those who protest have been "disappeared." Move along folks; nothing to see here... 

Small Davids v. monster Goliaths.

Nonetheless, Mayan peoples have fought and won the right to grow their own heirloom corn, sans biotech contamination of genelines and poisoning of their land and people.

Gardeners and farmers, many "majorities of one", are saving heirloom seed for coming generations, as generations have done, for millennia

Has monstrosanto bribed its way to making that "illegal" yet?! 

Breaking News: 

Consider whistleblowers, whose longevity may be in question, but who burst upon the scene armed with light-sabers...

Net-geeks, for recent example, have revealed vomitus of machinations and self-aggrandizement. Elites exposed "nekkid", have not been playing well among those defrauded.

And in the vast wildness, still, of the US continent, Native Peoples have drawn a line at Standing Rock.

Big Stuff, and a lot of it begins small...

Neighbors and I did a food garden together this year. It was a process, grunt labor and eventual produce shared. 

Late winter, the neighbors hauled a truckload of sheep manure and heaved it onto the garden space. I, the former organic farmer, worked it in by hand along with Bio-char, kelp and compost.

Rains came; worms found home and began deep tilling the soil with their tunnels.

We have deer, rabbit and bear who roam the valley with us. The neighbors built a tall chain link fence with a heavy gate.

Frosts settled and lightning streaked across the mountain skies. Sunlight grew stronger and the orchards bloomed.

With a cautious eye to nighttime temperatures, I planted seed and set out plants, mulching to protect them and hold moisture.

Now, organically-grown food cost is hyper-inflating along with the rest of expenses. We live them; gov-stats try to mask them.

Our tomatoes grew like Amazon jungle, just massive ebullient production. 

Heirloom tomatoes sold locally for $6/pound this year. We engulfed pounder+ fruit from the garden with juice running down our chins.

We did it together.
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  1. My big insight from this wonderful story is that whatever befalls, we'll fare better facing things consciously than those refusing to accept the changes.

  2. Plant. Love. Don't get sucked into the vortex of lies. Love. Share with those who don't. Love. Practice Resurrection. Love. Cook good food and give it away. Love. Watch the cranes flying with their wild cries. Weep for the beauty of it all. Love. Protect this world with all our strength. Love. Love some more.

  3. It's an especially poignant time for those who've navigated the status quo successfuly, as unfunded programs and known hierarchies implode.

    On a brighter note, competence will find its footing in whatever evolves for us, and can likely be of service in times ahead.

    Meanwhile, our societal me-me focus may find its way out of the victim meme and come in for a landing.

    Am hopeful. Thanks to all for comments.


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