Saturday, August 20, 2016

Election Theatre, Living History, Nov. 2016 Update

Bring on the Clowns

Not so very long ago, most of my friends voted for the qualifications of slick presentation and skin pigment. 

This so warmed the cackles of the self-syled elite that a flashy international award soon followed, based on the same apparent gravitas.

Those friends, still patting themselves on the back for historic electoral triumph, are now in the anyone-but.... mode, and will vote for the qualifications of female plumbing.

Nov. 2016 Update: 
Dr. Pieczenik; Still Reporting, 6 min vid. 

Do those seeking power lie?... Do bears poop in the woods?

That I can definitively answer, bear scat along the river (not the Potomac) currently full of windfall apples.

What's the scoop on politician poop? What's left behind for others to shovel?

Fraud, felonies, self-aggrandisement, Cheshire Cat grins, and cronies too big to fail.

The US government, to put it quaintly, is overextended. Whoever "wins" in November 2016 inherits unpayable debt, and most of the world disgusted with the global bully.

Does it make sense to even think about a businessman who views a derelict economy as a ledger gone awry, rather than personal slush-fund?

Moi, what do I know, but the biz-guy flew to drowned "Nawlins" on his own nickel. A photo-op, sure, but maybe an inkling of humanity.

US taxpayers continue to fund multi-millions in vacations and golf games, for one who couldn't get away.

My friends trust National Public Radio, CNN, and the New York Times for accurate reportage.

I spoke recently with one, indeed very dear to me. who said, "We're left with dismaying choice; vote for a lunatic, or..."  

(Words failed him.)

"Or a felon?"

Vote early (and count on Diebold to vote) often.


  1. Awareness, as in this post, includes a knowing that America's choice for a sustainable...I mean, survivable, future is not embraced by donkeys, elephants, weasels, foxes, bureaucrats or snakes.

    The day we trust each other and question the elite-fed media, we're on the way toward humanity and real solutions.

  2. We need Circus Music!
    There ought to be CIRCUS MUSIC...then we'd have set and setting for this drama.
    Meanwhile, in the words of Iyanla VanZant, "When someone (think investigations/allegations/etc.) tells you who they are, BELIEVE THEM."
    Our eyes are far more trustworthy than the media. I know, I've got first-hand experience with both.

  3. Big high-five to a broadcasting friend!


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